Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Steph Snippets

Oh my! It has literally been a month since I have blogged! Not for lack of things I'd like to get on here though.

~We successfully made a trip to Arizona and back to visit my family. Flying with a 3 {almost 4} year old and a 9 month old is no easy feat. Mostly just the carrying of all the stuff. I have a lot to blog about about this trip and my kids loving being with Oma, their cousins, aunt, and uncles.  It was bittersweet leaving!

~Violet turned 9 months old and Lily turned 4 within the last few weeks. Lily is an amazingly funny little girl and her love for her friends and family is pretty wonderful to witness.  She's still very stubborn and independent, of course.  It's a good mix. We celebrated with a party in AZ, on her birthday, we had cake when Andrew came home yesterday and we will have a party next week.  She's taken turning 4 into the next month!  Violet has finally become mobile--scooting first, then crawling. She's still super happy most of the time. ;)  

~Andrew has only been home for about 2 weeks total all summer with all of his traveling. Marching band picks right back up next week and in less than a month he will start high school! That's so crazy to me. His schedule came in the mail today and we have orientation in a few weeks. Wonder how happy he'll be to have his mom snapping a few pictures...

~I watched a couple of shows on Netflix late at night after the kids were in bed. Orange is the New Black and most recently The Killing.  OITNB was good and I hope its 3rd season is as good as the first. The Killing was pretty s l o w at the beginning and finally it picked up and I really liked it! I've just started House of Cards now.

~Summer weather has been weird since we've come back from Arizona.  It's been in the 60s and 70s this week and mid 50s overnight.  I'm nowhere near ready for Fall. We still need warm weather and sunshine--especially after this past winter.

~The time away from home this summer has offered me a renewed and refreshed perspective on some people and pieces of my life.  The priority for me are obviously my husband and my children.  Beyond that, I need the negative gone and I need people who simply show up. I mean that both literally and figuratively. My tolerance for coddling adults has dropped to zilch.  Good thing I have good people in my life. The rest will no longer get the energy I was giving.

~I have a couple blog reviews to finish up on. I'm so grateful for the opportunities I am given and choose reviews that are relevant in my life or my families' lives. It's a blessing in the simplest of ways.  I'm thankful.

~My kids have all been sleeping in lately! I have had 6am risers since Andrew was a baby. Lily followed suit and Violet too.  Since we've gotten back from Arizona, Violet has been sleeping in most days until 9am! Lily too! I cannot even say how happy this makes me! I thought at first it was a fluke with the time change, but here we are more than a week later.  I think she's going through a growth spurt, actually.  I know she's cutting 4 teeth, so you can imagine how fun that is at times.

~I've been having to put out a few fires here and there with my stepdaughter this summer. I'm hopeful we're on the upswing. I've also come to realize that being direct with her seems to be a struggle for her.  Which sounds strange actually, but I've realized this watching her try to come up with the answer she thinks we want instead of answering what is asked. It's like giving someone a map with a straight line on it and they choose the squiggly line. I'm not sure how to redirect her in this because I'm very clear with expectations with all of my kids, yet she still, 7 years later, isn't able to accept that what I say is what I mean.  I have to do some research and some thinking on this one.

~My husband laughed at me when I told him I wanted a back up drive for our back up drive.  It stresses me out to have my pictures in only one place.  I've got to do something though--for my peace of mind and because my laptop has no space left.  What do y'all do???

~It's time for me to watch a little bit of my show or I should say, "my program" like my grandmother used to and now my mother does.

Pictures, soon.  Promise.  My kids are cute.  Get an Instagram account. :)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sweet Strawberries

Last summer, we started a new tradition that has become one of my favorite activities...strawberry picking. There is nothing like the taste of fresh strawberries!

The weather wasn't ideal for the day, {nor is it ever anymore it seems} but Stef, Tracy, Amber and I decided we were going anyway! So, a drizzly day with lots of mud, and off we headed to the strawberry field at a local orchard.  Soergel's is a place we've all been for a variety of different activities and events, but not for strawberry picking until this year.  I know I talk about this often, but we are blessed with a wonderful group of friends and so fortunate that our children all get along and are friends, as well.

Andrew was in Tennessee, Violet and Liam were in carriers, Dylan and Audrey were doing other things that day, and Amy and her girls were out of town on vacation, so 7 more kids are missing from this group!

We rode out to the field in a little trailer, stepped off into the mud and the kids were ready to go!

The Lilys found their perfect place to get started and stayed together almost the entire time.

Violet didn't want to be set down, so there were a lot of tears from her when I did put her down to try to take some pictures. 

Lily came over to sing "You are my sunshine" to make Violet feel better.

This was another first for Violet and Liam that they got to share together!

The babies were pretty interested in the straw. :)

You never know what you're going to get with these two girls.  I think they ate their weight in strawberries while we were picking them and then found themselves underneath an apple tree to take care of their business.

After we were done at the farm, we all headed to eat lunch together.  Strawberry picking is hard work. 

What a bunch of lucky kids to grow up creating incredible memories! 

Can't wait until next year! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Five: But First, Let Me...

When I opened to read blogs this morning and saw one of my best friends, Stef, had linked up with EmmyMom's Friday Five, I hit "save" on the post I was working on.  I haven't done a link-up in a long time and thought this one was right up my alley!  I've followed EmmyMom on instagram for awhile, but duh, never added her blog until now.  Instagram is my fave!

5 Thoughts:
1~  Laundry is my nemesis.  That being said, I have to pack myself and 3 kids for 3 weeks time. That is a lot of laundry. Though heading to Arizona is the prize and I'm excited about that!  It's been 5 years since I've been there--I can't wait to visit and have the girls meet their cousins and uncles and aunts!

2~ I have been binge watching tv at night after the kids have been in bed and my husband at work. Sidenote: shiftwork, sucks. Having gotten rid of cable last year, we've kept Netflix and we stream shows as well. I don't know that we'll ever pay all that money for cable again. Anywho... I obsessively watched Scandal! I have NO idea why I never watched it before. It is sooooooooooo good! I finished it a few weeks ago and have been thinking about it nonstop! The other show I finished was Orange is the New Black.  I liked it, but didn't love it! It kept making me mad.  And I know for sure, I'd never survive in prison!

3~Lily is without a doubt a product of her parents.--she has a definite musical ear.  When her Daddy is playing guitar, she wants to pick along with him or grabs the microphone and sings something along side. When Violet is crying, she sings "You Are My Sunshine" and says, "That will make her feel better, Mommy."  She is typically singing all the time. Sometimes it's actual songs, sometimes it's humming along to the music, sometimes it's made up songs.  Could be songs from a movie or show she's watched, could be something she heard in Andrew's room, could be Taylor Swift, or could be something she's just made up.  It's just always something.  I love this about her!

4~ Next month, we celebrate our 4th anniversary, George's 40th birthday, and Lily's 4th birthday...all in one week!  It's a busy one! I'm excited!

5~ I have to get this blog design completed and update the information, pictures! It's driving me ca-razy!

5 pictures:
My love and I recently celebrated 7 years together from the day we met in person! What a crazy journey it has been!

Some days this is what life looks like.  No nap, exhausted girls. Real life.

And there are also moments like these. ♥   

We walked into Target the other day and Lily started singing, "But first. Let me get an icee." to the tune of that ridiculous Let Me Take a Selfie song.

Andrew's home after his first summer trip to visit his Dad.  He went to Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida.

Happy Friday!