Monday, September 29, 2014

Cake & Presents for Four

Andrew came back from Tennessee and his visit to the beach with his dad's side of his family a few days after Lily's birthday and it was time for cake, ice cream, and presents with Lily.  She wanted to wait for him, so we did.  She also wanted a pink heart with purple sprinkles birthday cake, so she got just that.  Happy 4th birthday, Punky! 

She was very excited about her presents and I love how open she is about her excitement!
She got a Frozen sisters poster and tshirt she had seen when we were in a store once, some Disney Klip Klop princesses, and her very own Lego Friends sets. Her daddy picked out a special pink flashlight for her! She loves playing with his flashlights!

Andrew {with the help of his Dad}wrapped up his gift to her. He gave her a UniKitty Lego movie cup, a sweet little Tupperware tea set, and the "It's so fluffy!" unicorn that Andrew's dad crocheted! 
Lily loved all of it!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Violet is 11 months!

Yesterday Violet turned 11 months old!  I truly cannot believe she's almost one! This has really been the fastest year of my life. I don't know if it's the four kids or that I'm older or a combination, but whew...we were just on our way to the hospital trying not to have her in the car!

In between marinating chicken for supper and needing to cook, I scooped her up and headed outside to take a few pictures of this sweet 11 month old!

What eleven months looks like for Violet:

Girl loves to eat! She's having formula as well as food. She eats both baby food and table foods and loves pretty much everything except green beans and peas in the table variety.  She hates having her face wiped and when she sees you coming, she immediately tries to push your hands away while she's shaking her head and whining/crying/yelling so you don't do it.  She continues to hate being put in her carseat, but once she's in, she's fine and is a great traveler in the car.  She sleeps great at night and takes 2 naps a day. She's got 8 teeth--4 on top and 4 on bottom.  The 4 on top came in all at once and as soon as those started to break, the two on either side of her middle bottom started to pop through too.  Yep, six teeth at once. Her hair is lightening up and while it's still brown, she has some lighter spots that are blonde-ish.  Brown eyed girl, just like Lily though they have different color browns. She continues to be a mama's girl and when she's crankypants, she doesn't even want her daddy to hold her...just me.   She crawls a funny little crab crawl with one knee regular crawling and the other foot up pushing her along instead of a knee. She pulls up on the furniture or a person and she just started standing for a couple seconds on her own. She looooooooves music! Dancing, "singing", and moving as soon as someone is singing or a song starts.  She also holds her own with her big sister.  Lily isn't the most gentle of sorts when it comes to playing with Violet. They adore each other and I love watching their relationship develop. Violet also loves to hang out with Andrew and fortunately he feels the same.  He's so good with both the girls! I'm grateful for that. "Bubba" is one of her new words.

These pictures capture her personality perfectly.

Happy 11 months, Pippi!

Monday, September 15, 2014

JBF Pittsburgh Giveaway!

It's that time of year again....MY FAVORITE!!  I lovelovelove this sale and wrote about the Spring sale here!!!! I always find amazing deals for my girls shopping this sale! It's my favorite one around and with nearly 700 consignors...whoa! Can you imagine what will be there this year?!  Who doesn't love saving money?  Being able to stay home with my kids, I'm always looking for ways to save money.  The savings is priceless!

Below you will find the details of the sale as well as an opportunity to win presale passes to shop early this Thursday at 2pm!  Be one of the first to shop!! 

Want to outfit your kids in great brands?  Looking for some new toys or baby gear for Less?  

You  won’t want to miss the JustBetween Friends Children’s & Maternity Consignment event this Fall!  
The Just Between Friends Pittsburgh North Fall/Winter Children's & Maternity Consignment event kicks off for everyone on September 19th.  There is an exclusive pre-sale for team members, consignors, first-time parents, foster parents, military families and teachers on Thursday, September 18th

There's also a "Fall into Savings” Twitter Party on Thursday Sept. 18th at 8pm.  We will be tweeting live from the presale, sharing pictures, deals, shopping tips, fun info and giving away JBF giftcards! You can RSVP for that here:

What: JBF Pittsburgh North Children's & Maternity Fall/Winter Sale
When: Fri., Sept. 19th – 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sat., Sept. 20 - 8am-5pm (NEW Merchandise!) & Sun., Sept. 21 - 8am-5pm (Many items 50% off). 
Where: RMU Island Sports Center Golf Dome, 7600 Grand Ave, Neville Island 15225
Admission: $3 on Friday (under 18 is free - or print your FREE admission pass for Friday). Admission is free Saturday & Sunday.

Want to turn YOUR clutter into CA$H at the Spring Sale?  It's not too late to sign up to sell any new and gently used items your family has outgrown at the JBF event. 

Consignors prepare and price their own items using an easy, online bar code system. They earn 60% of their sales or if they sign up as a team member and help out at the event, 70% of their sales. Anyone interested in consigning can sign up for the Pittsburgh event on the website (click here).

Team Members are an important part of our JBF event. Our JBF Team Members shop FIRST and earn 70% on their consigned items.  Anyone who consigns is welcome to help out at the event.  You can register as a team member for a short 4-hour shift to guarantee early admission at the pre-sale event!
We hope to see YOU at the JBF Sale!

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