Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Strawberry Picking

Every week, we try to get together with our mom friends and kids for a playdate. Some of us work, some of us stay home, but we try to get together at least once a week for the kids to play and let's be honest, for the moms to have some adult time. 

This week's activity was new to us. We decided to go pick strawberries.  My mom was in town still so it was fun to get to do with Oma too!

Sweet friends.

 The mamas.  And 3 babies growing inside. ;)

It was a muggy day, but we all had so much fun! The only exception was the grumpy lady who worked at the farm.  Despite her attitude, we decided this was an activity we want to do again next year! We just may be looking for another place to go. ;)

After we all headed our separate ways, Oma, Lily, and I went to eat lunch and then to visit some family friends.

Strawberry picking is hard work.