The Husband

George and I met through a mutual friend, the internet, in 2007, only to discover we actually did have a mutual real life friend.  We knew fairly quickly we had something special together. After all, when you start "dating" someone who lives 1800 miles away from you, all you do is communicate and learn about one another.

We met in person on June 17 of that year, Father's Day.  We spent most of that summer together--one of the perks of being a teacher, as I was able to stay in Pittsburgh.

September 2007, I resigned from my teaching position...with the full support of my principal, and I  moved to Pittsburgh from Mesa to begin our life together.

We have had more ups and downs in our 7 years together than many have in a lifetime and it has truly only made us stronger individually and together.

I have loved this man my entire life...I just didn't know it was him. But, God did.
We were definitely meant to find one another.

We were married July 20, 2010.

(the day we met)