Thursday, July 27, 2017

On the Move: Tips & Tricks for Moving with Kids!

This post is brought to you by Northwood Realty Services and The Motherhood. All opinions and thoughts shared here are my own. 

Who loves moving?! NOT me. Moving is easily one of the most stressful times in my life. I've experienced cross-country moves more times than I care to count. Even "in town" moves can be stressful. Add kids into the mix and that's a whole new level of stress! Last month, an amazing group of mom bloggers and some local realtors with Northwood Realty got together to brainstorm how to make moving with kids less stressful!

As I sat with fellow moms in different stages of life, sharing moving tips and experiences and having knowledgeable folks from Northwood guide us and answer questions, I realized that for as many times as I have moved, I was surrounded by people with SUCH great ideas to help when the time comes again!

The last time I moved, was 4 years ago when I was pregnant with Violet, my youngest. Funny enough, I have actually moved every. time. I've been pregnant --with Andrew, the first time I was pregnant in 1999, and again when pregnant with Lily in 2010 too.  There's something to be said for not having to carry boxes or furniture, I guess.

That meant I worked really hard to have everything ready to be moved! The most difficult thing for me during a move is packing things while still living in the house with kids. I always try to ensure things are organized on both ends of the move-- leaving the old house and arriving in the new.

Families on the Move: Tips for Minimizing the Stress of Moving 

What I try to focus on aside from getting in and settled is ensuring my kids feel part of the process, connected, and comfortable.  As a blended family, some of my kids are in transition a lot and we're sensitive to the process of moving as a complete family.

  • Pack in smaller and medium boxes.  While it may seem ideal to load everything into a big box, trying to carry those oversized boxes isn't always easy! Plus, you can have the kids help carry the smaller boxes --especially their own belongings which can help ease some transition worry they may be experiencing.

  • Color code your boxes with duct tape. This helps identify boxes quickly.  This works even for little ones who aren't yet readers and they can help guide where things belong in the new house: "My boxes have pink tape!" 

  • Declutter BEFORE you move! Go through your belongings and have a yard sale, sell on Craigslist, donate.  Your kids can be involved in this process too.

  • Set up kids' rooms first.  Ensure they feel comfortable in the new house surrounded by their own belongings.

  • Have a first night tradition!  We get pizza and eat together on paper plates--simple and memorable each time!

What are some tips and tricks that have helped you in your moving process with kids? 

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