Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Steph Snippets

~Thanks for the comments, tweets, instagram messages, emails about Violet's birth story! It was one crazy, beautiful day--that is for certain!  She's doing great and growing so quickly and if I have time to sneak in a shower between she and Lily, well, then that's a great day!

~I have pictures and stats to update about Violet here. If you can't wait to see her, follow me on Instagram. That's my favorite social media outlet these days! :)

~Andrew had a birthday, so I have an update about him. I think the shock of having a 14 year old has begun to sink in.

~Life is tough with a newborn and a toddler.  And a big kid.  And a stepkid. And a husband.

~I do not understand the patterned leggings craze. They're out of control.  The Aztec? Whoa. I think it's because they remind of those Mexican blankets and those were itchy, but the fact that I put patterned leggings on my toddler and baby, so I think they're kind of weird for adult women.  And I crack up at the bootie craze too because I wore those ankle booties when I was in 8th grade. They were my favorite pair of shoes. Seriously.  I think this just means I'm officially old.

~I do not have the Christmas spirit this year.  At. All.  Bah humbug. :(

~Andrew has recently lost his electronic privileges. 14 is tough. He just said to me during a conversation about making better choices: "There's nothing left to take from me but my dignity." He was serious. I laughed. Out loud. 

~We got rid of cable a little more than a month ago. Honestly, the only thing I really miss is watching the local news (lame, I know), sports, and specials live.  Worth the money saved each month. One of  Lily's new favorite movies is The Lorax.  She stood up on a chair in our family room and shouted, "I. AM. THE. LILYYYYYYYYY"   She's clearly made the no cable transition just fine.  Netflix is ok by her too.

~Three is way more difficult than two.  In both age and number of kids.  ha!

~I love saying "the girls" or "my girls."

~Lily has asked for Christmas lights for Christmas.

~Lily's glasses got broken today at school. She slammed heads with another boy and her glasses went flying.  Here we are a week before Christmas and as I said above I have zero Christmas spirit...all I kept thinking was that she HAS to wear glasses and to be without them while the time to replace them plus the cost of replacing them... bah humbug again.  I took them to the place we bought them with a crying Violet and a can-I-spin-on-the-wheelie-chairs-in-here Lily and asked the woman when we walked in if they were repairable. She asked about Violet while she looked up our information --"How old is she? Ohhhh she's so cute"  She walked to the back while I kept Lily occupied spinning on the chairs, came back to her work station and said she had the same frames and to give her a minute.  She replaced the demo lenses with Lily's lenses, handed them to me and said, "Merry Christmas."   I cried.  A little less bah humbug now.