Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Year Later, Part 1...Pour Your Heart Out

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about our 1st pregnancy together and our miscarriage last summer. It’s possible that it’s just the time of year when we actually miscarried that's made me reflective, or as we approach the end of this pregnancy, obviously babies are at the forefront of my thoughts.

We were 10 weeks, 5 days pregnant when we had an ultrasound that showed no heartbeat for our baby.

I was devastated. G was heartbroken.

We had JUST told all of our family and friends on Father's Day that we were pregnant and then had to share the news shortly after that our baby didn’t have a heartbeat.

Thinking back on those events last year brings about a lot of different emotion. I wholeheartedly believe everything happens for a reason and we went through that for reasons we may never know. Some days I think, “Wow. We’d have a 6 month old already if we hadn’t lost that baby” or “I still wonder why we had to go through that.” But, for the most part, I accept it as part of our lives together and our relationship...

So, last week we were on our way back from Cincinnati, just the two of us, talking about when we made the same trip last year. G said, “We stopped and ate at Cracker Barrel and you were pregnant THEN.” I laughed and said, “Yeah, pretty much with the exception of 4 months, I have been pregnant for a year!” We talked about how strange it was that one year earlier, we were at the beginning of a pregnancy and here we are now at the end of one. Kind of surreal, really.

We found out we were pregnant with that baby on May 28, 2009, and our due date was January 26, 2010. On July 2, 2009, we learned our baby had no heartbeat and was only measuring 8-9 weeks. I had no signs or symptoms of miscarriage at all. One of the hardest experiences of my life.

The doctor had given us several options of how to proceed --let my body handle things on its own, schedule a D&C or medical intervention (mifepristone and misoprostol) to induce the miscarriage. We decided on the medicine, so we could be at home. We made the best decision at the time. Given everything I now know, I would not choose the medicine again. It was much too hard on me and too much for me to put G through as well.

It was 4th of July weekend and the timeline of the medicine was so that once I took the oral pill then the other 4 were inserted vaginally to essentially induce labor within 24 hours. I’m the kind of person who once I know something is supposed to happen, I want it to just start instead of dealing with the anticipation or anxiety about it. Basically --hurry up and get it over with.

I was prescribed 800mg of ibuprofen, codeine, and vicodin for pain. The codeine was so I would be able to take it every 30 minutes if needed. Good thing I got the vicodin because the pharmacy was out of codeine and wouldn’t be able to get it until after the holiday weekend. I’m not one for pain medicine typically. I’d never taken vicodin in my life although I had been prescribed it for other things in the past. I just try to make it through, really. As a migraine sufferer, I end up only taking Excedrin migraine even now instead of imitrex etc. And even that is last possible minute. I’m just not a fan of pills or taking medicine for every minute thing.

Once the bleeding began, it was something I have never experienced and pray I never experience again. I was in a lot of pain and the amount of blood was indescribable. I spent my time in bed and the bathroom.I couldn’t sleep because the need to be in the bathroom was so frequent and the pain was so great that the ibuprofen was basically doing nothing. I read our paperwork over and over again to ensure nothing was excessive and everything was progressing as it was supposed to be. 

G, who always needs to be active on a project during a crisis or difficult time, stayed with me the entire time. He waited on me hand and foot --bringing me food--which I didn’t eat, and enough to drink or getting a movie I wanted, a book I couldn’t get through more than a page at a time…anything and everything I needed. This all was completely out of my element as well, but I simply let him take care of me instead of trying to do everything on my own.

I slept that Friday night/Saturday morning for about 30 minutes…after taking half a vicodin. I woke up completely blood soaked and in a lot of pain. So, trying to maintain my internal strength as a woman, I was very overwhelmed by this entire process.

Saturday was 4th of July and my hope was to be “ok” enough to ensure my son was able to see fireworks that night. I was heartbroken because I was in no shape to be able to leave the house long enough let alone sit up to watch fireworks. My son and I have never missed fireworks and I hated that I couldn’t make that happen for him. So, the 3 of us watched the city’s fireworks on tv together. That was the only time all weekend, I was “up” and I barely could be in any kind of sitting position. G and A were wonderful and only concerned about me. By this point the heavy bleeding had finally subsided, but I was still very weak. The weekend was honestly one of the worst of my life.

I had lost so much blood that I nearly passed out twice throughout the process, I was in more physical pain than I have ever been, I just wanted it all to be done. Throughout my hundreds of trips into the bathroom, I’d ensure the bathroom was cleaned up so that my fiance and my son didn’t have to walk into how gory what I was physically going through truly was. I had a lot of shorts, undergarments and towels that I threw away that weekend, primarily because laundering the reminder wasn’t something I really wanted to do. I simply wanted to close the chapter.

One week later, we went back to the doctor for an ultrasound and a checkup. The ultrasound showed the medicine had successfully helped my body miscarry everything and we were “all clear".

G held my hand as I cried. He said to the ultrasound tech, “That’s not what we wanted, but given the circumstances of losing the baby, ‘all clear’ is what we’re hoping for, right?” I wish I could express how much I love this man and even sitting here writing this, thinking about him during that experience brings tears to my eyes.

He was so excited for that baby!  I, on the other hand, wasn’t quite as ready initially.  We had just been through so much stress and chaos the previous months and year before we got pregnant and the future was so uncertain in my mind, I was very apprehensive. I went through that apprehension for a few weeks --more afraid to be excited than anything and had FINALLY gotten excited about the pregnancy only for it to end.

This picture of us was taken the day we went back for the "all clear"...I'm glad we have it. We always try to make the most of everything and when I look at this picture, I am reminded of that time in our lives and how we endure together.

This song was really helpful in my's from the baby's perspective...

Part 2 to follow...

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcome to my Crib

32 weeks & 1/2 weeks pregnant and we finally put the crib together! Daddy wasn't worried, but I was kinda getting stressed about it. 

We have the crib from my stepdaughter and since the baby will share a room with her, we're using it so all their furniture matches. 
I'm really grateful for not having an additional expense, despite having my heart desiring something different. (I'm just not a fan of the wood color is all.)

He's so good at knowing my picture taking habits!! ♥

All together!

Now comes the fun part for me...putting the rest of the room together. :)

P.S.  The next morning watching the news, there was a major crib recall.  This is one of them! Figures.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Doctor Visit 33 weeks

Doctor visit today.  33 weeks, 2 days. 
Update on 33 week mark

Short and sweet. 

Weight check --none gained., blood pressure --120/82, measure the belly --33 weeks, listen to heartbeat --140s. ♥

Next appointment scheduled for 2 weeks, growth scan scheduled for 2 weeks....and then we have appointments EVERY week! Wow!! Are we really there already?????

We actually scheduled our final growth scan appointment all while having the conversation that that one could POSSIBLY not even happen if she comes a little bit early!  It was very surreal to realize that...
I loved this doctor and I'm hoping she's the one who delivers!

33 Weeks!

How far along are you?
~33 weeks!  7 weeks left!

"Your baby is proportioned like a pineapple when it comes to weight -- a little over 4 pounds. (Length: more than 17 inches, head to heel.)"

What symptoms are you experiencing?
~Aching, asleep hands
~Fatigue, overwhelming tired

How are you feeling?
~Aside from the hands and needing a nap again everyday, I feel pretty good overall. I've been sleeping well!!! 

Any Midwife/Doctor appointments/ultrasounds/tests this past week and how did they go?
None this week. 

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc.)?
is gone this week visiting his dad out of state. I miss him.
~Some MIL drama.

Any fears or hopes you want to get off your chest?
~Still praying this baby flips around....I really want a vaginal delivery again and no c-section. I feel like she's starting to move and we'll see soon enough. There's still time for her to get her head down!

Any belly pics or ultrasound photos from this week?

I got a bug bite on my belly. :(

Any food cravings?
~Freeze pops. Still.
~A little less peanut butter & jelly. But still there.

Tell us your favorite thing about your pregnancy this week.
~Getting the crib together, talking with G about how much we think she'll weigh, what she'll be like. ♥

What has been the most surprising thing about this pregnancy?
This aching hand nightmare!

Baby brain moment of the week?
~The inability to remember what day of the week it is. At any time. I'm anxiously anticipating the return of my memory!

Random Question of the Week:
Do you have any names picked out yet? What are they and what is the significance of the name(s) for you? If you are keeping the name(s) a secret, please explain why.

~We've picked her name. :)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's a Rocky Road

Working on my 33 week pregnancy update.
Rocky Road resting on my belly.


Monday, June 21, 2010

32 Weeks! 8 months Preggers!

How far along are you?
~32 weeks = 8 months!!!!  (technically as of post date: 32 weeks,2 days)

"Your baby is taking up more and more space in your uterus and weighs as much as a large jicama -- about 3 3/4 pounds. (Length: about 16 3/4 inches, head to heel.)"

***Well, my baby girl weighs 4lbs, 2 oz already, so we're passed that. :)

What symptoms are you experiencing?
~uncomfortable sleep
~carpal tunnel yuck

How are you feeling?
~The heartburn has been terrible some days ... for a person who has NEVER had heartburn in her life until this pregnancy, it has been quite an adjustment!
~I've had a couple days where I've felt pretty miserable, but overall I'm just tired and need a nap most days again.

Any Midwife/Doctor appointments/ultrasounds/tests this past week and how did they go?
~I did have a growth scan and regular ob appointment Monday. Everything looks great!!

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc.)?
~A is visiting his dad in TN and I miss him...a lot.

Any fears or hopes you want to get off your chest?
~I'm really hoping that she turns around on her own and doesn't stay breech! I'm also not crazy about the thought of the doctor trying to manually get her turned around.  I just had no trouble with my son's delivery and I'm not excited at all about the possibility of a c-section. Pray for this little girl to flip!

Any belly pics or ultrasound photos from this week?
**pic to be added when the batteries charge on my camera. :)

Any food cravings?
~Freeze pops. Like 20 a day.
~chocolate chip pancakes
~peanut butter & jelly. still.

Tell us your favorite thing about your pregnancy this week.
~G telling me, "Wow, your belly is really cute. I can't wait to see what she's like."

What has been the most surprising thing about this pregnancy?
~The amount of swelling recently has surprised me.

Baby brain moment of the week?
~Being half way to Cincinnati and not certain that I locked the door.
 Random Question of the Week:

Are you having any panic or freak out moments regarding the pregnancy or upcoming birth?
~Honestly, I'm not freaked out yet, but I'm really hoping she gets flipped around.  We still have time, but I really hope she does!!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

GTKY...The One with Boobs

Getting to know YOU

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1. While at the beach, pool, etc..Do you cover up your ass(ets) or show them off?
~Sometimes (like this pregnancy!) the boobs just have a mind of their own. The ass...always in a sarong or towel when strolling around. I'm a pretty conservative mom for the most part...
(The boobs are an asset. :) )

2. Road trips or Plane trips?

3. I can't stand it when...?
~People use bad grammar,in general, but it seriously drives me crazy when people say, "I seen". Ugh. Do you know how dumb you sound?
~ Someone talks shit about me and my family. I continually take the high road, but sometimes I just can't bite my tongue any longer. This week has been one of those times. I'm over the bullshit.

4. Have you ever gone topless at the beach?
~Nope. The boobs are for the man only. Well, an breastfeeding. Not general oogling.

5. How many blog carnivals do you do a week?
~I'll say 3, although it's only been 2 lately, but one of the ones I love the most is always on my list even when I can't get to it. :)

6. My favorite thing about the weekend is...?
~Relaxing with my family, having nowhere I HAVE to go.

7. Pancakes or waffles?
~Pancakes. Was craving chocolate chip pancakes the other night and had G and A take me to find them for supper.  They're good sports dealing with this pregnancy. :)

8. Water Park or Amusement Parks?
Growing up in AZ...water is ESSENTIAL! Always fun.
I love Kennywood in Pittsburgh...went with MY parents as a kid and take my kids now.


(I cannot believe how tall the kids grew in a year!!! Wow)


Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17, 2007...3 years ago

"Sitting on the plane, preparing to take off to Pittsburgh...the place I was born and where I'm returning to find my heart...
How strange life is that essentially I've come full circle in my life so far.

As I was getting ready this morning, thoughts of the last 2 1/2 months have flooded my mind--how quickly time has passed and how strong my feelings have grown to be.  Almost surreal.  I said to my friend this morning, "I feel like my life is a movie. Only the best part is--it's real!"  ...the progression of our communicating to falling in love to today --the moment when we meet in person and everything comes together to prepare for our future together.

I woke before my alarm had gone off and laid in bed thinking about G and all of the pieces that make up him...I love learning about him and love him more and more everyday.  He so completely "gets" me and accepts me --just as I am.  The moments that I worry the most about when he WON'T want me are the moments he probably loves me MORE because he's the only one who gets to see it.

I have feelings right now of complete overwhelming love and amazing emotion.  I can't wait to see him and finally be able to put my arms around him and be able to actually say the words, "I love you."

This morning he left a comment on my myspace saying finally the moment was here.  I went on to get ready and make sure I was packed up.  I went back to the computer right before I was leaving for the airport to leave him a comment... I clicked on his page and the song playing was Clay Walker's "I'd Love to be Your Last".  I was so touched, of course, I started sobbing...I couldn't even think of what I wanted to say so I decided I would send something from my blackberry at the airport. 

I recognize how HUGE him putting that on there was --anyone going to his page KNOWS it's not his kind of music and he's proclaiming publicly a lot of feeling.  I love it!  I love the song, I love the gesture and I so love him!  I ended up sending, "I'm sitting on a plane to come see you...Yay! You are my last..."

June 17, 2007


Monday, June 14, 2010

Doctor, Doctor Gimme the News

We had a growth scan and our 31 week appointment today.  Officially we are 31 weeks, 2 days today! There are only 61 days left until our due date!!! That is so crazy to me!  Exciting and scary at the same time!

G is very ready for her arrival and excited to meet her! We've talked a lot about the bond that mothers have with their baby during pregnancy and how different it is for men.  Pregnancy for him is about me, primarily. I love his honesty and knowing how he loves our children, I'm excited to watch him bond with our daughter when she arrives. The other night he came home after I was already in bed, he came in kissed me, rubbed my belly and said, "Just a little over 2 months! Aren't you excited? I am!"

A came to this ultrasound for the 1st time.  He thought it was neat to hear Lily's heartbeat as we watched it on the screen too! It was 136. I drank a Cherry Coke to wake her up before we went in, but it didn't do too much. She's pretty consistent on the time of day she's most active and I don't think they do ultrasounds at 11pm. :)

All of Lily's measurements were right on schedule for her growth --she's actually measuring a few days ahead. Her heart was beating strongly, the amniotic fluid is good, her belly and head measured great! She is breech still and just seems to be switching sides of my ribs that her head wants to be under. She better FLIP!

She weighs 4lbs. 2 oz. (last month she was 2lbs.3oz) and is in the 69th percentile for her gestational age. I suppose since the doctors were worried about her being small due to the placental mosaicism, she decided to show them!

I love to see her each month! Today she moved her mouth a lot and stuck her tongue out at us. A thought that was really funny. :)

I can't imagine what that's like for a kid, albeit a pretty connected kid, to actually see her moving and being "real".  There were a couple toddlers in the waiting room who were adorable and active. A kept saying, "I bet Lily's gonna be active like that. I'm excited for her to come!" ♥

My blood pressure was 120/82, weight gain: 5 lbs., I'm measuring on time with the old school measuring tape, Lily's heartbeat was 150 on the doppler and all is well.  Still swelling --when it's humid primarily and heartburn. But, doc said all is well and normal.  :)

31 weeks, 2 days.  And yes, her hand is once AGAIN up by her face...


Monday Minute...Guest Host Edition

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1 - What's the specs of the first computer you owned?
~ Are we talking the original Texas Instruments my family had in the 80s?  'Cause this is it!

2 - Are you on Twitter/Facebook/etc, if so link it/them up?

3 - Who's more to blame for the oil mess in the gulf - BP or the Gov't and why?
The opinion I'd like to share is I'm annoyed that Obama has asked for and been approved to send A LOT of money elsewhere:
"President Obama pledged an infusion of $400 million in aid for housing, school construction and business development in the Palestinian territories Wednesday..." (' "

~I have no issue with helping others. None.
My issue is aside from what is going on in the Gulf region....what about OUR schools and housing?????? Pledge $400 million in aid to the people who are living within OUR OWN COUNTRY struggling.

4 - What's your favorite Dr. Suess book?
~This is a super tough one for me! I LOVELOVELOVE Dr. Seuss! 
But, I think I can narrow it down to two:

And finally...

5 - What did you want to be when you grew up?
~I have ALWAYS wanted to be 3 things:  a teacher, a singer, and an attorney. 

As a little girl, I played school all the time and sang along to the Grease 8-track into the top of my canopy bed. When I was in 5th grade, I fell in love with the legal system.
I started college with the intention of going to law school upon completion of my Bachelor's.  
 Life happened--my dad died and I moved to Nashville to pursue that singing dream.
Several years later, I married and A was born, so back to my original love of children I went. Opened a child care business in my home until I went back to school to get my Bachelor's in Elementary Ed. Teaching kindergarten to wide-eyed, excited 5 year old sponges is THE. BEST. JOB. EVER. 
♫ I opted for incorporating a lot of music into my curriculum! ♫ 
So, that's 2 out of 3.  I have had my fill of the legal system for now.   :)


Sunday, June 13, 2010

31 Weeks Down, 9 to Go!

How far along are you?
~31 weeks!  ONLY 9 weeks left!! Holy cow!

According to Babycenter: "This week, your baby measures over 16 inches long. ...weighs about 3.3 pounds (try carrying four navel oranges)"

What symptoms are you experiencing?
~Back to utter fatigue!  I need a nap everyday zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
~Swelling on humid and hot days
~Uncomfortable sleep, but not too horribly
~Carpal tunnel terribleness

How are you feeling?
~Over all, pretty good. Just tired again like the beginning.  I'm typically only swollen when it's humid and hot, so this week I have had a pretty good break from that. I did twist my ankle pretty badly on Tuesday and was so grateful that I didn't break it. It was really sore and painful and mushy where I twisted it. Today, 4 days later, it's feeling ok! 

Any Midwife/Doctor appointments/ultrasounds/tests this past week and how did they go?
~Nothing this past week, but upcoming growth scan and regular OB appointment this coming week! Yay!

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc.)?
~A lifetime family battling an ultra aggressive cancer and I have been completely emotional. Lots of love and prayers for her and her family. I have known her since I was probably 3 years old.

Any fears or hopes you want to get off your chest?
~I'm happy to continually feeling her move everyday!
~We've been reassuring the kids (each in their own way/needs) about their value and importance in our family and that it's important to us that they are here when Lily is born. A's summer schedule is worked out with his dad, so that he'll be back from their time together. R is with us half the week and she's worried Lily won't be born on a day she's with us.

Any belly pics or ultrasound photos from this week?

Any food cravings?
~Peanut Butter & Jelly
Tell us your favorite thing about your pregnancy this week.
~G coming home last night, rubbing my belly, kissing me and telling me how excited he is that we only have just about 2 months left. As tired as I was, it was so heartwarming and loving.
What has been the most surprising thing about this pregnancy?
~Today I'm feeling very surprised by how quickly we are approaching the end of our pregnancy! 9 weeks?! Really?!

Baby brain moment of the week?
~Can't remember any of my family's appointments! Ugh!!

Random Question of the Week:
How has sleep been working out for you so far?
~I have been able to sleep pretty well--with the exception of trying to turn over easily and my hands falling asleep. I've mastered the art of putting my squishy feather pillow under my belly while laying on my left side and my other soft pillow between my knees to keep my hip from hurting.  This pillow method has helped A LOT! Other than G says he's ready to be done sharing the bed with so much stuff and get back to just me. :)


Sunday Funday! GTKY

Getting to know YOU

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1. If you could have one of Superman's, powers which one would you want? Superhuman strength..Flight..Superhuman speed..X-Ray vision..etc.
~Of these, I would love to fly. Just to feel the wind, see what the birds see...get out of sitting in traffic!

2. The best thing I ever won is....?
~Hmmmm.....this is a hard one. I'm a lucky girl and have won a lot of radio contests, meet & greets, concert tickets, trips, dinners, gift cards etc.  Definitely grateful for everything.

3. Have you ever skyped with a bloggy friend?
~I JUST recently started skype-ing and it's only been with family. I LOVE it though!!

4. What is your favorite Summer month?
~I'd have to say July. It's the month where there is no school at all, lots of pool time, barbecues, 4th of July celebrations. Although....with this baby coming in new favorite summer month is sure to change. ♥

5. Pool, Lake, or Ocean?
~I love the pool because I grew up in AZ and it was just a given to spend summer in it.
~I love the lake because I love to fish! No swimming....GROSS!
~I love the beach.  Been stung by a jellyfish, so I have a lot of apprehension about getting into the ocean, but I love being there and sitting on the beach!
So, all THREE!

6. One of my favorite Summer memories is.....?
~Several years ago, the summer before A and I moved to Pittsburgh, we went to Newport Beach, CA with my brother's family, my other brother, and my mom. We stayed in a great beach house over the 4th of July week. We sat on the beach watching fireworks while my son singing his own made up song, "Happy 4th of the July" at the top of his lungs. He and my nephew were running around the beach, playing with the glowing toys Oma had given the kids all while singing that song. We laughed a lot. :) G was on the phone so he was a participant from across the country...."Happy 4th of the Julyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

7.What's your favorite secret bargain?
~I love buying baby clothes at son as a baby and toddler lived in their clothes and I NEVER paid more than $9.99 for anything! He was true to size for so long and I was able to get all of his clothes at the end of one season or when they'd go on clearance. I loved the quality of them and the navys and dark greens never faded. I'm hoping for the same luck with Lily!!

8. Do you plan on or have you been watching the World Cup?
~Not a fan of soccer. I'd rather watch the spelling bee! :)


Friday, June 11, 2010

I Have a 5th Grader? WHAT?

Today is my son's last day of 4th grade.  Soon enough he's going to stop giving me kisses before he gets out of the car to go into school or signing "I love you" as he looks back at me one last time for going in the door.

We started the signing when he was in preschool and it's continued because I want him to remember and for that to be my last picture in my mind of him everyday before I pick him up.

Last Day:
1st day:

This young man started the beginning of the year thinking he wouldn't like 4th grade because 3rd grade was "so fun." going to "my favorite part of 4th grade was my teacher and I'm going to miss her next year."

I LOVED his teacher and I'm SOOOOOOO glad he was in her class, so I understand his feelings about her.

For grades, he ended up with all A's and one B+ and we couldn't be prouder! Keep it up, kid!

He's thrilled to play videogames any day of the week now....'cause during school it's only on the weekends.

I seriously cannot believe he's going to be in 5th grade!  And next year, he will not be my only "baby". When school starts in the fall, Lily will be here and all sorts of new routines begin.


Friday Follow


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I'm not usually a participant in blog follow bloghops...

I blog for me and if people read, I think it's great, but even if I have no one reading I still will write. It feels like some of why I invested in marching band in college instead of joining a sorority. (I have NO issues with just wasn't for me jsyk. :) )

 Like I always tell Ian, I'm happy being a well kept secret. :)

However, I like and appreciate the reasoning for this bloghop's invention and as a result, I'm going to join and support it!

Here you'll find a 37-year-old mom of a 10-year-old son, bonus mom of a
6-year-old girl and 31 week preggers with a baby girl who is engaged to her soulmate --it only took 34 years to find him --writing about my pregnancy, my kids, our family.
Some days it's all about baby and pregnancy, some days about the drama that comes with having split families, some days just rambling, and some days about the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I eat EVERY SINGLE DAY during this pregnancy. 

Regardless of what you find, it will be honest and real.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

If You Give a Mom a Gift...

...she will be really grateful and excited!!!

Today, several packages arrived unexpectedly! We hadn't ordered anything, but the UPS truck always lends to excited members of our house!  The kids, however, weren't as excited once we opened them. I, on the other hand, was THRILLED!

Lookie what we got!!!

I LOVE the smell of new diapers! Weird, maybe, but just the new baby, baby powder smell that is unique to having a newborn around. ♥

This additional carseat base makes me soooo happy for making life easy!!!

This one was wrapped up all pretty....

Here's the note on the package. :)

Ooh!!!!! Yay!!!  So excited for this awesome video monitor! It's literally the size of a cell phone and it has 2 way audio so we can even talk to Lily through it if we need to! Having bedrooms on split floors makes this a necessity. :)

Thank you. ♥

We are very blessed to have generous family and friends in our lives!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last Day of Kindergarten

Today was R's last day of kindergarten.

Here's this young girl who started out full of excitement for the 1st day and then JUST the moment before her dad and I were leaving, tears filled her eyes and she wasn't quite sure what to think to a more independent young girl proud of her accomplishments and looking forward to first grade!

Here's a pic from that 1st day:

She has learned so much and grown so very much this school year!

Her favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. We started out reading it to her, then she'd begin reading the sight words in it that she knew to finally reading us the entire story.  (Reading and writing is my passion as a teacher and it is just AWESOME to see it in kindergarteners when the lightbulbs come on for them!)

Her favorite special was gym because they do "exercises and fun things", she loved going outside for recess, she loved "Breakfast with Frosty" near Christmas. She loved addition and subtraction. At the beginning of the school year, Paula was her best friend and today, on the last day she says Aubrey and Allison.

Out of the mouth of R:

"I'm nervous that stuff is gonna be really, really hard in 1st grade, but I wanna be in this one teacher's class because if you get your tests right, she gives you 2 pieces of bubble gum."

"I'm gonna miss my classroom in kindergarten and I think my teacher was a good teacher because he teaches us a lot of stuff."

"How did kindergarten go so fast?"

Sounds to me like kindergarten worked out just fine for her. :)

We're very proud!