Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcome to my Crib

32 weeks & 1/2 weeks pregnant and we finally put the crib together! Daddy wasn't worried, but I was kinda getting stressed about it. 

We have the crib from my stepdaughter and since the baby will share a room with her, we're using it so all their furniture matches. 
I'm really grateful for not having an additional expense, despite having my heart desiring something different. (I'm just not a fan of the wood color is all.)

He's so good at knowing my picture taking habits!! ♥

All together!

Now comes the fun part for me...putting the rest of the room together. :)

P.S.  The next morning watching the news, there was a major crib recall.  This is one of them! Figures.



  1. I know I totally saw on the news where they were recalling like millions of beds! To bad ya'll didn't find out until after he put the crib together....on the bright side since you will be getting a new crib maybe they will give ya a new color that ya like....LOL (See I am all about seeing the silver lining) Ha!

    BTW I am lovin' the wall color super cute and girlie :0)


  2. Okay, that first picture made me laugh! He looks like he is massively trying to concentrate! :)

    That's awful about the crib recall. Time to shop again :)

  3. Awww it's coming together! It'll be no time before she is here sleeping in her crib. It's just amazing.