Monday, February 28, 2011


2.22.11:  contentedly playing
2.23.11:  one of mama's fav all-time pictures
2.24.11: what??? 7 months.
2.25.11: thinking about getting up and moving...
2.16.11: funny faces
2.27.11: love to laugh...really hard
2.28.11: daddy & baths = pure happiness

Miscellany Monday

I have a lot of random thoughts going through my head and can't figure out what I want to write about in a focused way, so I've opted to post some of them in one place and link up with a blogger, Carissa, who I've been following for quite some time for her Miscellany Monday .
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

~Coupon Crazy
I LOVE coupons and saving money. No, I mean, I LOVE it.  It literally makes me happy when I buy things we need and I spend little or no money!  Saturday I headed off to Rite-Aid because they had Desitin and Johnson's Baby Lotion and Head-to-Toe Baby Wash on sale.  Sale price: $2.99.  Then, using their "Wellness Card" (store savings card), you got $2.00 back on your register receipt for each product making them 99cents a piece.  Yes, initially you pay $2.99 up front, but even THAT is a good deal.  Add $1.00 off manufacturer's coupon that I already had and I paid $4.26 total for the bottle of lotion and the soothing vapor bath I got and got back $4.00 in rewards on my receipt.

Ok, HERE'S the even BETTER part! 
Rite-Aid was out of the Desitin and baby lotion(except the one bottle I bought) and body wash. Because the sale was ending that day, they gave me a raincheck for each item for 99 CENTS (since the receipt rewards won't print past the sale end) and now when I go back with my $4.00 rewards AND my $1.00 off coupons, all my Desitin and lotion and baby wash ARE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Biblical Rain
The weather here is so extreme. Literally 8.5 inches of snow last week preceded by days of  66 degrees and finally today-- rain, rain and more rain. I awoke this morning to the sound of dripping. IN. MY. BEDROOM. The ceiling was dripping onto the foot of my bed. Our bedroom is at the back of the house and the roof over the porch isn't flush against the house, so that's where it is coming in. 
Thank God, I have a handy husband.

~Stepmom Stuff
Things are good in our house. Really good. Our family dynamic is cohesive. We just don't allow the negativity in. Simply.   Reagan still has some transition moments that are a struggle for her both coming and going, but they're shorter.  The only thing that honestly bugs me is us having to plan for things for the whole year at once with regard to birthdays, parties, holidays and events like that.  We can't just have a normal relationship and say, "Hey, we're doing a birthday party on a Saturday evening, can Reag spend that night with us so she can be here instead of leaving in the middle of it?"  Trying to coordinate with all moms and dads and our families (mine has to fly here) to plan something is disheartening sometimes.  Not because of the effort it takes, but for example if everything works out for everyone except with Reagan's schedule, then complete rearragement has to take place.  It's just frustrating and we should be well beyond that this many years into it.  We shouldn't have to plan in February for let's say, how Halloween is going to turn out. Honestly, why it bugs me so much is we have 11 more years of it with no improvement in sight. 
Such is life.

~First Birthday Party
As, I've begun thinking about Lily's 1st birthday, scheduling it to ensure the older kids are both here is paramount. This is obviously related to the previous subject. :) I have two ideas for now that I'm deciding between and still researching. I love party planning and 1st birthdays are so special!
Hers will be perfect for her. ♥

Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow Much More Cutie

Happy Saturday!

The sun sets on Lily's 1st day in the snow...
 And then she was done. :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hair Bows for Maddie

I'm always amazed at how small and supportive the blogging community can be.  I've come across people who went to the same high school as me, people who have mutual in real life friends, and of course those people who have become true friends in my life.

Yesterday, as I was reading one of my favorite women, Summer, who is an unbelieveable woman in her own right, had posted about a woman whose 4 month old baby died suddenly. I read Summer's post with tears streaming down my face at the shock and anguish this young couple must be experiencing having their new baby just DIE. 

(For the record, I don't use the words "pass away" in some situations. It is harsh and tragic and painful and sudden...and "pass away" isn't reflective of this one. Example: My grandmother passed away at the age of 80. My dad died at the age of 48 suddenly of a heart attack...)
I then went over to read Kellie's blog sobbing as I read more of her story and the unimaginable experiences she is going through this week.

One SIMPLE thing she has asked is for people to have their baby girls (or girls) wear bows or headbands in honor of her baby girl, Maddie, today...the day of her Maddie's funeral.  Kellie would like pictures emailed to her at . 

My thoughts and prayers are with this family and if emailing this mama a picture of Lily wearing a bow helps her in ANY way, I'm in.

with love for Maddie...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey Good Lookin'...Whatcha Got Cookin'

Lily has been eating new foods as we've slowly been introducing solids to her. When I say slowly, I mean, really slowly.  With Andrew, I literally introduced a new food every 3 days. I guess with the relaxed second baby syndrome, I just don't feel any need to rush her! So, she gets new foods when she gets them. :)

I've made a few foods too...squash and sweet potatoes so far.  Basically what we've done is bought some baby food and when we were sure she wasn't allergic to anything, it opens it up to allowing me to make more food for her.  It's super easy and I love that she's getting homemade food!

In the meantime, she's had peas, carrots, applesauce, apricots, pears, turkey, mixed veggies, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, sweet potato puffs, biter biscuits (which she HATES) and Daddy threw in an animal cracker. :)

She's been eating four 8ounce bottles a day and then either a fruit or veggie in the evening. Recently, she has been hungry enough that we've added both a veggie and fruit in the evening. Today, at lunch time she had some pears and a little bit of turkey too.  I am truly gaging how much to feed her on her. 

She LOVES squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, applesauce, mixed veggies. She likes peas, green beans and apricots and sometimes the sweet potato puffs.  She doesn't like the turkey or the biter biscuits or let's not forget rice cereal. 

I cannot believe that my baby girl is big enough to be eating food and in 5 short months, she'll be having birthday cake. WHAT?!


Animal Crackers:




Mixed veggies (peas, carrots, green beans):


2.15.11: see? i do cry sometimes.
2.16.11: i've started rubbing my eyes when i'm sleepy
2.17.11: i love my blankie by my face
2.18.11: my 1st movie!
2.19.11:  i already know how to give that look
2.20.11: i'm officially an all-the-time sitter
2.21.11: i loved my bath sitting up tonight

Sunday, February 20, 2011


2.8.11: still sick with a cold and a watery eye :(
2.9.11: lovelovelove my brother
2.10.11: yep, i love to bang on daddy's keyboard
2.11.11: mama loves my eyes
2.12.11: woops! i sat up from my boppy and tumbled foward into mama
2.13.11: i like to hold my stuff
2.14.11: what mama sees first thing in the morning ♥

Brother & Sister

This was unintentional and I didn't realize how funny it was until I looked at these pictures in succession...

One morning before school, Andrew and Lily were watching tv. I noticed they both looked the same, so I wanted to snap a picture.  What I got was a bunch of pictures with both of my children making the same expressions!
Seriously, somebody get that kid a haircut!

An Arizona Visit

When the Steelers made it to the AFC Championship game in January against the Jets, one of my brothers decided he was flying into Pittsburgh for the game. Back in 2008, when the Steelers made the playoffs, he came out then too, so we weren't surprised, rather just excited to see him again!

He and a family friend flew in for a brief 24 hour trip, but we were able to spend time with them and they met Lily for the first time too!

Like I said, it was literally a 24 hour trip. The kids and I picked them up at the airport Sunday--the day of the game--then were off to pick up their game tickets before heading to lunch.  It was our friend, James's first time in Pittsburgh so we all agreed he needed to eat at Primanti's in the Strip District before they headed to the game. So yummy!

Of course, this was the weekend the temperature dropped to like 3 degrees or something ridiculous like that and would be below zero for the football game. For two men coming from a 70 degree winter in Arizona, imagine that temperature difference!

They were frozen at the game...literally my brother's blackberry froze and didn't work, but had a blast! The Steelers won and were headed to the SuperBowl! Yippee!!
Jason -my little brother- and Fisher
Jas and Fish
(Jason had his original Terrible Towel from
when we were kids.Jas was born in Pittsburgh too...before me moved to AZ)
 Uncle Jas & Lily
Uncle Jas & Andrew
Uncle Jas & Andrew the last time he came to visit. :)
 me and my little brother
Uncle Fish and Lily watching SportsCenter.

Of course the visit was too short, but it was so good to see them and I was grateful for the little bit of home and comfort that came with them! ♥

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lily's 6 Month Visit

So, this little baby of ours hit a growth spurt in between her 4 and 6th months. :)

On January 26, we headed in to see Dr.Kelly. I LOVELOVELOVE her! I know I say that everytime, but she's is so wonderful and she adores Lily!

First up, this sweet little pouty lipped angel getting her head measured...the nurses commented, "Wow, stranger fear doesn't usually happen until 9months!"

Then they said she looked like she was praying as they listened to her heart. ♥

Yay! Up to 15 pounds, 3 ounces!

Her weight puts her at 70% and her length is 26 1/4 inches at 75%.
Her head is 43.9cm moving her up to the 85th percentile!
I'm telling you she's so smart that she needs a lot of room for her big brain! :)

Waiting for Dr. Kelly to come check her out!

We love our pediatrician!!!!
 getting super sleepy...waiting for shots
 and the shots get harder as she gets older. :(
mama cried too.

We talked about foods to eat and not eat, ear piercing, sitting up, rolling over, her belly button finally going in (--you can look here to remember what it used to look like--) teething, diaper rash and vaccinations.

Dr. Kelly is pleased with Lily's growth is very supportive about any of our concerns! It makes such a difference when you find a pediatrician you LOVE!
Lily is doing well with eating solid foods...we're just taking it super slowly and not trying new things every 3 days like I did with Andrew when he was a baby. :) It's funny how relaxed you are the 2nd time around...even when there's 10 years in between.