Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I Cheated on My Husband #StreamTeam

My husband and I like to watch lots of different types of shows. He likes a lot of epic, historical or documentary-like shows where I like a lot of crime drama, teeny-bopper, or feel-good type of shows. We seek to find something to watch together often and I love when we land on a show that we both love.  The only problem?  Our schedules don't always match up to continue and man am I ever a binge watcher.  If I have time for tv, I love to watch to finish!  Netflix always has something we can agree on!

Our latest together show is Santa Clarita Diet! I had no idea what to expect with this show, but we both like Timothy Oliphant and Drew Barrymore, so instead of reading about it, we just decided to watch it.  It was REALLY funny and more than I expected, so I'm glad we did.  The only problem?? I ended up cheating on my husband....

and kept watching this show ahead of him!

What can I say? I was hooked and didn't want to stop! And I even have my own smoothie cup!

There's one other show that we watched together and both can't wait for the next season that I cheated on him with: Stranger Things.    That was ok, though---I just rewatched and pretended I hadn't seen them! :)

On those days where I have simply JUST.HAD.ENOUGH. and the kids are FINALLY in bed and I can't wait to dive into my bed with Netflix and my late night snack of ice cream, I turn off the monitor in the little girls room, lock my door, and pretend I don't hear the 87 times my 3 year old gets out of bed to go to the bathroom/needs a drink/just wants one more kiss/has slept enough/can't fall asleep/needs to find a stuffed animal or whatever else she tries to finagle.  So I guess I cheat on mom-ing sometimes too.   Most recently I did use this one to watch a few more episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events even after Lily had gone to bed!

Sometimes on days when I'm totally over it, I grab the iPad and plug in my headphones and just watch a few episodes of my latest binge while I'm in the same room as the kids if I'm not able to escape to a bath or my bedroom. I've just started Shameless.... why didn't I watch this earlier??? Of course, my husband has been trying to get me to watch it for years.

Some days I just need a break. A break from kids. A break from people. A break from the have-tos like laundry and cooking.  Thankfully, Netflix lets me cheat a little bit and I don't feel one bit guilty!

What are your Cheat Worthy shows on Netflix?  Here's some Netflix's favorites!
From left to right: Stranger ThingsGilmore Girls: A Year in the LifeA Series of Unfortunate EventsOne Day at a TimeUltimate Beastmaster

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