Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Pictures, 11 weeks 2 days!

These pictures aren't as clear as the 1st ultrasound but still exciting to have!

I really like this one where the baby stretched its leg out and arm up over its head:
Hearing the heartbeat again today just makes me so happy!

So exciting and utterly amazing. I am so very blessed...

Doctor Visit , 11 weeks

11 weeks, 2 days.

After our morning visit with the genetic counselor, blood draw and ultrasound, I had a regular visit to the doctor when we were done.

Nothing major -- just weight check...only one pound gained so far! Blood pressure check, pee, and she did try to listen to the baby's heartbeat today with the doppler, but had a hard time finding it.  Since I had literally JUST come from ultrasound where I had seen the baby's heartbeat and heard it, she wasn't worried and said sometimes it's difficult to find on the doppler this early in pregnancy.  I wasn't worried either. :)

We went over the results of the 3 hour glucose test and I passed it, so no worries there.

This visit was short and sweet!

Next regular visit: February 22.

'Til next time!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Heartbeat!


We had a healthy ultrasound today with a strong beating heart!!
As soon as I saw the flutter of the heartbeat, I started SOBBING and the ultrasound tech asked me if I was ok! Through my sobs I said, "I'm just so relieved!"

I don't think I even realized truly how much anxiety I had about getting to this point in my pregnancy. But alas, we're here!

We have a very long-legged baby...I think we're having a monkey! haha!

He or she was moving like crazy and I think maybe it was an effort to say, "Hey mom and dad, I'm here and I'm ok!" 

We have another ultrasound scheduled for Monday as part of the genetic screening, so we're looking forward to seeing the baby again! ♥

(This pic is just the baby's torso and legs hangin' out like a monkey! 
hahahahaha I LOVE it!)

Waiting, Waiting and More, You Guessed it...Waiting

I'm sitting at the doctor's office today for my next OB appointment...yep, you guessed it--WAITING.

I don't mind waiting usually but I have been here today for an hour and a half already and they have only called ONE person in that time! So, I wait.

I moved this appointment up from next Monday so I wasn't here ALL day when we have our ultrasound appointment. Ha! Joke's on me.

It's just a regular visit with apparently an irregular wait.

There's a toddler sitting next to me with a horribly congested cough who is coughing all over the place. His mom is obnoxiously blabbing out loud so the staff overhears her about how they're getting paid to do nothing and how ridiculous it is that she's waiting. She tells the waiting room she's due next month and all the rest of her business about peeing and how she's going to go all over the floor if they don't hurry up.

On the other side of me, I have a girl smacking her gum. That just happens to be a pet peeve of mine. I do not mind gum chewing at all, but I prefer people to chew gum like humans not cows.

Across from me, a guy waiting with his girlfriend is clipping his nails. Really?? Gross. There's no trash can. THAT sound is similar to the gum smacking, but the nail clippings flying is enough to make me want to throw up.

It's now the lunch hour.