Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sounds Like Life to Me

Clearly, blogging has fallen to the wayyyyy back burner.  I'm ok with it.  I'll get there eventually and meanwhile, I'm soaking up my baby days with Violet, spending some one-on-one time with Lily and Andrew and enduring this perpetual winter.

I find it highly suspicious that Disney releases a movie about a princess turned queen who freezes everything and creates an eternal winter and we're having the coldest temperatures in decades. Our front storm door looks like Elsa got to it.

Speaking of Frozen, Lily is obsessed!  Just recently she's gotten into watching more movies than tv shows, so Frozen is at the top of her list.  She thinks she's Elsa half the time and Anna the rest. When George is in the bathroom, she goes to the door and knocks on it and sings, "Do you want to build a snowman? Come on let's go and play..."  Her daddy, of course, responds with, "Go away, Lily."  She continues her acting and singing sadly replies, "Ohhh kayyy, byyyyyye."  She's done this a couple times and I'm hoping to catch it on video.  She lays down on the floor to try to talk to him and sing under the crack at the bottom of the door. It's hysterical.   She also belts out "Let it Go" like she's Idina Menzel and does all the movements that Queen Elsa does while she's singing.  The pure innocence and passion with which she does this literally brings tears to my eyes. Also hoping to catch it all on video. Stay tuned.

We took the girls to the theater to see Frozen in late December.  Lily was enamored, {hence the above described obsession} Violet was fantastic-slept and nursed, George fell asleep haha, and I loved it as much as Lily did! The Little Mermaid has always been my favorite Disney movie, followed closely by Beauty and the Beast.  Frozen has easily moved into the runner-up spot behind my beloved Ariel.  Somebody's Easter basket will have it in it...not sure if Lily's or mine hahaha!
Violet's 1st movie ~12.29.13

Andrew and I went to his marching band banquet the other night.  As a rookie band mom, it was awesome to see all the kids and their parents celebrating a passing marching band season, find out who the next year's drum major will be, watch a slide show reminiscing the hard work and sweat of band camp, practice and performances, and just enjoy time together.  I have my own amazing memories of marching band and I'm glad that Andrew loves it as much. I couldn't be prouder! I cannot believe he has gotten so tall at barely 14!

Hunting season wrapped up recently, as well. This was George's first year and he got a doe and a buck this season!  As much as I may not want to be part of the process of it all, I have no issue with it. It made him happy and he was {in my mind} successful.  My husband is a learner. I love that about him.  He spent time researching and studying so many different aspects of crossbow hunting and deer patterns, and everything about processing.    I'm fortunate enough that he's able to hunt virtually in our backyard, so there was no weekends away or travel time. Given that I was very pregnant at the beginning of his season and we had a newborn as it closed out, I'm grateful, he was literally a text message away. I'm proud of his success this season and that it made him happy!


 Life has been interesting adding a new baby to the mix. Lily has become fiercely independent which can be a challenge when I'm nursing Violet. I ask "What are you doing?" and she hollers back, "I'm making chocolate milk!"  *cue panic*  Sure enough, she's gotten the stool over to get her cup out of the cabinet above the sink, stood in the refrigerator to get the milk, had milk poured in the cup and was ready to add in the chocolate when I got to her.  I remind myself that her strong will and independent nature will serve her well in life, but at 3 years old, it's a struggle sometimes.  There is nothing she thinks she cannot do. And she has no qualms about trying whatever it is either.  Like picking up Violet at 2 weeks and moving her from the rock n play to our bed without either of us around.  Yeah, she's the epitome of doing first and asking for forgiveness later. ;)  

Violet, fortunately, is a super happy baby! She just has such a light about her and I am so, so grateful for her every day. I have been working on her updates as well and someday {hopefully soon} she'll have more presence on this blog.  For now, I'm enjoying the moments with her and the rest of my family that go by way too quickly.  It's not even sleepless nights with her because she's been my earliest sleeper. It's having 3 other kids that makes me exhausted.  
Violet is one of the greatest gifts of my life and I thank God for her everyday.