Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Year in Netflix #StreamTeam

As the year winds down, I always find myself reflecting on the year that is wrapping up.  What did we do as a family that we set out to do?  What were our favorite memories? What do we wish we had done more of?  You get the idea.

It's been 3 years since we dumped cable and Netflix is still our go-to for tv watching. Quite simply, Netflix is a part of our family.

2016 Netflix favorites:
January 2016, we spent a lot of time watching Making a Murderer and Nurse Jackie. The girls were loving The Dawn of the Croods.

February brought us some cozy socks, Fuller House and all the nostalgia with that I lovelovelove about family tv watching! We watched a lot of the movie Home and now we still watch Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh.

March was the month of Lego! Bionicle, Lego Friends, Lego SuperHeros, Lego City.  Lego is a GREAT way to connect my teen and little ones --they all love the blocks and the shows! Everything is awesome!

April was sibling choice for movies and Shark Boy and Lava Girl took the prize! We watched it...A LOT! 

May meant Mother's Day and finding some shows that dealt with real life concerns. The little girls stuck with Veggie Tales and Daniel Tiger, while the big kids leaned towards Project MC2 and Degrassi High. There really is an episode for everything! 

Summer started off with lazy mornings after a busy school year had ended! The girls watched PowerPuff Girls, CareBears, and Hotel Transylvania 2. I, on the other hand, had to find time to sneak away to watch Bloodline and Orange is the New Black and totally binged on 11 seasons of Criminal Minds! 

July we spent doing a lot of running around to rehearsals and practices and in our downtime, we watched a lot of Word Party, more Powerpuff Girls, and Back to the Future! We took Netflix with us on the road on vacation as well!

August we found ourselves jamming to a brand new show on Netflix --BeatBugs!  It's December and we're still watching this show! It's been a family favorite for sure!

September kids were back to school and Disney came to Netflix! Zootopia was the top watched movie in our house!  Holes and Frozen Fever and Tarzan were a few more top watched!

October meant a lot of thinking about Halloween costumes! Ideas from Netflix like Beatbugs, Pokemon, and still Hotel Translyvania 2. Masha's Spooky Stories also became a Netflix fave!
In October, I was also invited back to the #StreamTeam for another year! This was such a blessing and I'm so very grateful and honored to continue! 

November, hands down, was filled with anticipation for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life! Black Friday couldn't get here fast enough! I spent the day curled up on the couch, binging on all 4 seasons with many laughs and lots of tears.  So bittersweet! And I'm *hoping* we just may see something more! Reagan and I started watching the series together also. She was a rookie!  It also brought a new season of our favorite Beat Bugs--we can't get enough of this show!

December we watched things like the Fireplace with Holiday Songs, Fuller House Season 2  added Troll Hunters to our playlist. We love Netflix originals and are excited to see Troll Hunters and what other new shows Netflix has planned this year!  Like I said, Netflix is part of our family --Movie nights, kids shows, date nights, mom date nights, and all by myself nights! 

Thanks for a great year, Netflix!

New on Netflix.

Trollhunters: Season 1 - 12/23
Fuller House: Season 2 - Now on Netflix
Lost & Found Music Studios: Season 2 - Now on Netflix
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Luna Petunia: Season 1 - Now on Netflix
80116839 tv sdp 1280x720
Chasing Cameron: Season 1 - 12/27
Yo-Kai Watch Movie - Now on Netflix
Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam I was provided subscription to Netflix and also exclusive insights or other products. All opinions are my 100% my own and I was already a proud Netflix subscriber prior to this opportunity. Please see my full disclosure.

Friday, December 2, 2016

What I Wish I Knew the First Time

Yesterday my first born, my only son turned seventeen. S E V E N T E E N! I was 17 when I graduated from high school. I was 17 when I started college. How is it possible that I could possibly have a child this age?

A few nights ago, we talked about when his high school graduation is in order to plan his graduation party around out of town guests. I'm still in shock this is even a real conversation on the near horizon.

As more of these upcoming events are my reality, I find myself thinking about his early years when instead of dragging him out of bed like I have to now, I had to bribe him to stay in his bed beyond 6 am.

I used to have to say to him, "Can you please give me just 5 minutes without talking?" so I could finish whatever it was I was working on. Now I have to say, "Can you please just come out here and talk for 5 minutes?"

Given that the age range for all of our kids is from 3 to 17, I have had plenty of time to reflect on what I have done differently between my oldest and youngest... what I wish I knew, what I would have changed and done differently all those years ago.

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