Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Weight Check!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Sister's 1st Day of School

Today was R, my stepdaughter's, first day of school. She's started 1st grade this year and we're really excited!

She went to bed last night a little nervous, as she wasn't sure what to expect.  She was REALLY looking forward to buying lunch at school for the 1st time! :)  She was super cute!

This morning, she woke up, got ready for school--still with a little nervousness, but more excitement! We told her how proud we are and how much fun 1st grade is going to be for her. She was all smiles as she headed off to her classroom!

Interestingly enough, her school's "meet the teacher" was tonight AFTER the first day. Weird, but whatever.

This is the picture she drew for the front of the packet of information:

(From left to right: 
R, Fred (our dog), George, Andrew, me and the walnut or baby Jesus in the carseat at the bottom of the drawing is Lily. ♥  Daddy and the kids are fishing and she put a lilypad in the lake haha!
I love that she draws hearts on she and I everytime she draws us.)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boobs & Bottles

Welp, Lily managed to gain 4 more ounces for her weight check, but she still isn't back to her birth weight. :(

Which means the pediatrician wants us to supplement 2oz. of formula after breastfeeding. 

I'm not excited about this turn of events at all, but most importantly, I want my daughter to get her boost and gain the weight she needs. 

We go back again on Friday for another weight check.

We've been doing the supplementing for 3 days and can tell she's gaining. Her clothes are fitting differently and she's sleeping longer stretches at night.  She is, however, spitting up now, where she wasn't before.  I imagine it's the switch of formula. We'll address that Friday too.

She's doing great --happy and doesn't have any issue with taking a bottle or breastfeeding...thank goodness!
Like I said, I'm not super excited about supplementing, but we'll do what we have to do for her!


Saturday, August 21, 2010


I've been reading other new mom blogs the last few weeks and breastfeeding is obviously a hot topic for many of us right now. Sleep-deprived, trying to get to know our babies and figure out this breastfeeding thing.

So, today after Lily got up from a nap and it was time for her to eat, watching her while she nursed, I decided that I wanted to write about my experience with breastfeeding this time around.

In the hospital, after Lily was born and cleaned up, the nurse brought her over to me and asked, "Do you remember how to do this?" 
Previously, I had explained my son was 10 1/2 and it had been a long time since I'd had a baby.

As the nurse handed Lily to me and I got her into position to nurse, I said, "I think so." at the same moment Lily latched on and began to eat.  George and the nurse laughed while the nurse said, "Well, that was easy!"


(I, of course, looked at Lily's tongue to make sure she wasn't tongue-tied. She isn't. Andrew was and it was about 2 1/2 weeks before we realized it and 3 weeks when we got his tongue clipped and his nursing and weight finally improved.)

I was SOOOOO relieved that she was latching on, sucking and this was very natural for her.

I remember crying A LOT with Andrew and HATING breastfeeding.  Well, until his tongue was clipped, that is.

He was 8lb, 9oz when he was born. Dropped to 7lbs, 15oz. and stayed there for nearly 3 weeks. We went for weight checks every 2 or 3 days, met with a lactation consultant who confirmed the pediatrician's diagnosis of his tongue tie.  He nursed every 1 1/2 for 30 minutes at a time, so I was nursing EVERY hour. Crying, not sleeping and HATING breastfeeding as a first time mom. I cried every time on the way home from the pediatrician's office thinking he was going to die.

At 3 weeks to the day, life became better for Andrew...and me.  He was able to eat every 2 1/2-3 hours because he was FINALLY getting enough milk at each feeding.

Back to Lily...
The day she was born, of course, she was really sleepy and I woke her up every couple hours to try to nurse. She'd eat a little then fall back asleep. Her diapers were wet, she pooped and all was ok.

The next day, she seemed to be awake a little more and nursing every 3 hours seemed better for her.  I was thrilled because I was relaxed and she was doing well.  Later that day, EVERY freaking time, I'd start to nurse her, a nurse or a doctor or someone would come to take her for a test or blood or whatever else. So, then she'd come back and want to do NOTHING but sleep and I couldn't wake her up to nurse. 

THAT day was the downfall.

Since she wasn't eating as she should be, she wasn't pooping as she needed to be which led to her jaundice and super high bilirubin when we got home, that made her very lethargic and sleepy i.e. not eating as she should.

That first week was pretty rough.  No sleep, constantly trying to get her to nurse, milk slow to come in without enough stimulation. Honestly, just a cycle that I hope to never repeat.

She had lost more weight.  THAT stressed me out along with her bilirubin being so high.

I really wanted to be able for her to breastfeed AT LEAST three months minimum...just for a great beginning.

Lily had her own set of visits to the pediatrician for weight checks and has gained a few ounces back, but not back to birth weight. The doctor has made some suggestions regarding nursing, listened to my previous experience with Andrew and how things are going with Lily --her feeding schedule, her wet/dirty diapers, her behaviors--and of course, how Lily checks out. We've seen 3 pediatricians in the first few weeks of Lily's life and each of them is surprised how physically strong she is. :)

I have tried nursing every 2 hours and then she spit up every time, so that was too much.
I have tried nursing only one side each feeding.
I have tried nursing then offering her 1/2 ounce to an ounce of pumped milk at the end.

She consistently wakes herself up every three hours hungry and ready to eat, so that seems to be what she needs. She eats for about 30 minutes, then is awake for about an hour before going to sleep. At our last weight check, the pediatrician felt that based on my history and experience with Andrew as well, that I may just have babies with high metabolisms and it takes them a little longer to get started --especially coupled with the other beginning issues (Andrew's tongue tie and Lily's jaundice).

She's alert when she's awake and her output is good, her latch is good, she's swallowing appropriately...all the things the lactation consultant and pediatricians have suggested, she's doing. 

We go back again next week for another weight check, so we'll see where she weighs in.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Just a Swingin'

I love me a bargain.

Saturday night, G, A, Lily and myself headed to Babies R Us to return a few duplicate items we've received. 

The one thing, I've been coveting for my baby is the Fisher Price Cradle 'n Swing.  We didn't register for it because I can't stand how much these things cost.

Instead, I've been stalking watching Craigslist for months to find the one I want.  Some people are ridiculous in their pricing while others are reasonable. I just haven't found one that is from a smoke-free house that I want for the right price.

So, we walked into BRU and like the angels singing to me...there was one of the coveted swings near the front door on clearance. 
Regular retail: $149.99. Seriously? A hundred and fifty bucks? No, thank you. I'm way too frugal.

Clearance price: $119.00.  Still not crazy about that, but $30 savings AND it's already assembled makes me happy.  It was the floor model (only out for a month and 1/2).

Best part: I had a 20% off coupon, so this little gem that would have cost $150.00, ended up costing us: $95.92.  Yippee!!

With our return credits and our gift cards we STILL had, this treasure was a gift and EXACTLY what I had wanted.

I love that it rocks from side to side and also swings back and forth. 

I had this brand/type for A and I loved it.  He preferred the side-to-side which not every swing does.

This particular one, has music, ocean sounds, rain, babbling brook, and a light up mobile.

Oh! Did I mention, it has an AC adapter????....those of you with baby swings past and present know how many batteries you go through...No more for us!!!

And of course, we love all things to do with fish here, so it's perfect.  Perfect.

At nearly $55.00 less than regular retail, I felt comfortable with purchasing it at BRU instead of scouring Craigslist anymore. 


Monday Minute

Monday Minute

This Monday Minute is co-hosted by the Anywhoodle NOLA Queen, Kimber !

1.If you could have plastic surgery, would you? If so, what would you get done?
~I honestly don't think I would.
Every part of me comes from my parents. I had some self-esteem issues in high school (duh, who doesn't) and although I'm looking forward to losing the baby weight and then some, I'm really ok with who I am. 
My husband loves me, is attracted to me and I was made the way I am.  Flaws and all.

2. What laws have you broken?
~Super nerd.  I speed. 

3. What is your quirkiest habit?
~I correct grammar everywhere...
in my head, when people speak incorrectly, online, on signs that I see in grocery stores, around town etc. 
I am a grammar snob. I admit it.

4. If you only had 3 songs to listen to for the rest of your life what would they be?
~Miranda Lambert:  The House that Built Me

I have literally been thinking about this question all day...
I just can't answer this. Music is much too important to me...don't know how to live without it.

and finally...

5. How often do you have sex?
~Well, let's see it's been a little over 3 weeks and not that I'm counting, but we have 3 more weeks remaining until my postpartum check up.  Dying over here!
We have a healthy sex life, hence the 2 pregnancies this last year.  ha!
Sex in your 30s is AWESOME!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

In 3 Weeks, I Have Learned...

~Only sleeping a couple hours at a time, leads to weird dreams when sleeping.

~Babies grow up too quickly.

~I give birth to babies who take a long time to return to birth weight.

~The 2nd time around, I'm wayyyy more relaxed, even if it has been over 10 years.

~I fall in love with my husband over and over again as I watch him with our daughter.

~The one night of 7 hours of sleep I got, while Daddy bottlefed what I had pumped, was heaven.

~I'm so grateful to not feel I'm doing this on my own.

~Daddy is better at swaddling than I am.

~Sometimes I just like to hold my baby until she falls asleep.  And I don't care if it will "spoil" her.

~That in 1999, when A was a baby, side-sleeping was all the rage. Today, it's back sleeping. And despite all of that, my baby sleeps best on her belly.

~I have a super gassy baby.

~I have very good friends who are understanding.

~According to my scale at home, I have lost pregnancy weight, plus 3 pounds.

~I have to remind myself to eat.

~I still love peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and freezepops.

~I need to get a 1st year calendar with stickers like I had for A.

~Daddy's way is ok too.

~I am blessed to have a husband who encourages, supports, loves and compliments.

~That 3 weeks and 3 more is a LONG time to wait to have sex.

~I'm happy that I desire my husband even after childbirth.

~I can live in camisoles and my husband's boxer shorts.

~Finding time to take a shower is a luxury.

~It is important to take your stool softeners even after you get home.

~Saturday nights going to the grocery store and Babies R Us means my priorities are in line.

~Girls don't pee in the front of their diapers like boys do.

~Leaking breasts are not sexy.

~Jaundice is scary to see.

~This list could be much, much longer...

~It is such an amazing miracle to go from conception to delivery...and I marvel in my daughter's life everyday.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tag, I'm It

I've been tagged.... and since he threatened me  I like him, I will oblige.


1. How old were you when you had your first kiss?

~ 14. Wettest, sloppiest, grossest kiss I have ever had.  I was scarred.
Boy, do I love kissing my husband now though....whew.

2. What is your favorite cereal?
~Special K with Red Berries or Life.  Mikey likes it.

3. Are you a patient person?
~Of Job. 

4. What is one of your pet peeves?
~Liars. People chewing their nails. Bad grammar.  Oh, woops. You said 'one'.

5. Brad Pitt: Love him or hate him?
~Don't care one way or the other.

6. Who's blog would you love to take over for a day?
~I'll leave this one to rest... But, I'd like to correct all the lies in the one I'd choose.
7. What is your dream car?
~One that never needed gas ...agree totally with this answer!

8. Do you have a Mac or Windows?
~Windows 7 was my idea.  (those commercials are annoying)


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am so in love with this baby!! ♥

p.s. my son used to make this same exact face. ♥


Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Tired of Your Bullshit

Unfortunately, our lives couldn't exist without the drama that is PEG.  For background, go HERE.
For those of you just joining PEG is an acronym for "psycho ex girlfriend".

The same holds true for the time surrounding the birth of our daughter. 

Several months ago, my stepdaughter, R, started asking when we were going to have the baby. Asking us if we could have her during the part of the week when she's with us --Wednesday morning- Saturday night. We explained we were due on a Saturday and hoped she would be with us. She said, "What time will you have her?"  Poor kid.  We further explained that you don't really get to pick when you're having a baby, but no matter what we'd ask her mom if it was a time when she wasn't with us, if she could come to the hospital. The look on her face was truly heartbreaking. She was defeated and said, "She won't let me." 

We did our best to try to dissuade her fears, although everything in us knew she was right.

Well, lo and behold, we ended up being induced at 37 weeks and Lily WAS born on a Saturday! We had made arrangements for R to come to the hospital that afternoon as my husband called her mother and asked if she could pick up R in front of the hospital instead of our house that night.  *(They drive right past the hospital on the way to our house...i.e. it's closer to their house.)

The answer was no.

We expected that too.

She cried and cried when it was time for my husband's parents to leave to meet her mom at our house because she was really upset about not having more time with her baby sister.  It was frustrating because it's the same bullshit we deal with all the time. The person hurt by that was my stepdaughter...again.

Close to pick up time, PEG calls my husband and says, "Have you left the hospital yet?" 
HA! Sorry, he's not leaving the hospital as you had hoped.
He told her he wasn't leaving and that his parents would meet her at our house.  Well, they were going to be late.  Should have just picked up at the hospital and made it easier for herself.

Fast forward to the following Wednesday when R returned, she said she told her mom she was upset that she didn't get picked up at the hospital to spend more time with her baby sister. 

*Regardless of what the mom and stepdad said, THIS is what R heard:

"[Stepdad] said, 'Well, if your mom was having a baby at ________hospital and we asked your dad to pick up there, he'd say no.'  My mom said, 'So, we have to follow the rules.'" 

I assume "the rules" are the court order.  Although the court order actually says that they can agree to things, but that's logical.

The irony of that is...the mom asked my husband if he could pick R up at 11am, Wednesday instead of 9am (the court ordered time), so she could sleep in.  My husband agreed.  Apparently, "the rules" are only applicable when they're convenient for the mom.

Now, this may seem ridiculous as a separate experience, however, after the last 3 years of dealing with this PEG, it's just one more rung on the ladder of annoyance. 

I had to give THAT background to lead to the twitter bullshit that took place, as a result.

See, this woman is an attention seeker.  Everything is about her. Not their daughter. The kid had a 102 fever and a stomachache and the mom took her on a Tuesday afternoon to the emergency room.  Not the doctor. Not urgent care.  The kid underwent having a cat scan, an iv, blood drawn and as it turns out, she was diagnosed with an "infection" that was later diagnosed as an ear infection when we took her to the doctor later that week.  The kid had to poop. Hence the stomachache.

But, apparently, WE didn't take her to the doctor according to "the rules".  Mind you, we learned that my stepdaughter was at the ER because a friend emailed me and asked me what was wrong.  You see, it was on twitter HOURS before my husband was contacted. Again, "the rules" only apply to my husband, it seems.

The following is reality for us:

"*From: @MommaPebz
Sent: Jul 29, 2010 7:52p

you incompetent, selfish fucks.
sent via TweetDeck
On Twitter:

*From: @MommaPebz
Sent: Jul 29, 2010 7:52p

i dont even give a shit, I hope karma bites you in the ass so hard you pay for it for YEARS. fat fucking lazy poor excuse of a "parent".
sent via TweetDeck
On Twitter:

*From: @MommaPebz
Sent: Jul 29, 2010 7:53p

I dont expect you to follow a doctors orders when you cant even follow a court order. big fucking surprise there.
sent via TweetDeck
On Twitter:

*From: @MommaPebz
Sent: Jul 29, 2010 7:57p

it pisses me off to no end that u won't just stop being selfish asswipes & see the big picture for once. I had hope in ALL of this for HER.
sent via TweetDeck
On Twitter:

*From: @MommaPebz
Sent: Jul 29, 2010 7:58p

hope that gets sucked away by your lack of caring for anyone other than yourself, regardless if she's your daughter.
sent via TweetDeck
On Twitter:

*From: @MommaPebz
Sent: Jul 29, 2010 8:00p

some people never will change, even when a 6 year old is involved. lesson learned.
sent via TweetDeck
On Twitter:

*From: @MommaPebz
Sent: Jul 29, 2010 8:11p

I'm Seriously pissed off at myself right now. I was happy for you & your family. Hopeful that things would improve for her. Its frustrating
sent via Twitter for BlackBerry®
On Twitter:

*From: @MommaPebz
Sent: Jul 29, 2010 8:12p

To realize that its dumb for ever thinking anything other than bad things about you. I'm tired of this shit, but what's going on is wrong.
sent via Twitter for BlackBerry®
On Twitter:"

After accusing me of molesting my stepdaughter and all of the other shit she put us through over the last 3 years, she sent a gift for my new baby. *(for those of you thinking maybe she's turned over a new leaf, the above twitter crap was AFTER the gift was sent.  She'll NEVER change.)  Buying gifts will never make things better. I'm not like you.

Seriously disturbed individual.  You cannot undo all the destruction you have attempted.

Whether you made it to this point, or not, is ok with me. I wrote this to get it out of me. 

I'm tired of the bullshit.

And telling R, she now has a  HALF sister is equally as screwed up as you are.  If it makes YOU feel better to say that, keep it to yourself, you are hurting HER.

I'd appreciate if you'd keep your crap to yourself. Thank you.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Getting to Know You

Getting to know YOU

1. Do you think mustaches are sexy?
~Not a fan. Although I do love my husband's goatee....just not a fan of the mustache.
But this makes me laugh!

2. What's the last concert you've been to?

~Hmmm...I think it was Jimmy Wayne.

3. What was your favorite 80's sitcom?

4. Were you named after anyone?
~I wasn't named after anyone. My parents liked "Stephanie" and picked it. Their other choices were Jacqueline or Jennifer. Jacqueline would have been after my grandpa Jack. Jennifer in 1973, wasn't as popular as it has become.

My middle name "Lynne" was after both my parents. My dad's middle name "Lynn" and my mom's "Anne". So they combined them for the spelling of mine.

5. When you buy new clothes, do you wash before wearing?
~I do.  The thought of unknown people trying on clothes and then me wearing them kinda grosses me out.

6. If you didn't blog, what would you do with your spare time?
~I used to scrapbook a lot. Most of my spare time is simply spent with my family. But in my "me time", I like to read.

7. What is your favorite department store?
~I like Macy's, Dillard's and Kohl's.  Good sales, great coupons!

8. If you were to get Laser Hair Removal..where would you get it?
~I wouldn't get it, I don't think.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

2 Weeks

Today Lily is 2 weeks old!


How is it that those moments during the end of pregnancy can D.R.A.G. and then when the baby arrives, all of a sudden 2 weeks have passed? Before you know it, you look up and your baby is 10 years old.

G and I spend time literally just staring at her. She's so adorably cute and her facial expressions are funny --the way her eyes roll back as she's falling asleep, her involuntary smiles as she's sleeping that show off the one dimple by her mouth, how she makes her mouth into a circle looking like she's saying "hooo" like an owl...just like her big brother did.

In the last 2 weeks, we've had little sleep, been to the doctor a few times and have been trying to adjust to life with a newborn.
Lily was jaundiced after coming home from the hospital. She was 6 days old and it was not good. Her numbers were very high. We had a bili blanket delivered to our house that night and she was on it until Monday morning. Saturday, we went back to the pediatrician to have her numbers checked and it had dropped nearly 5 points and she'd gained 4 ounces. She began pooping as she should have which helps to get rid of the bilirubin in her body too. The pediatrician was very encouraged and told us to keep her on the blanket until Monday, then get rid of it.
She looked like a light saber. :)  You're our only hope, Obi Wan.

I was really sore and had quite a bit of pain the first few days and slowly began to feel better.

Sure enough, Lily's visits weren't the only trips to the doctor we had to take. 

When Lily was a week old, I ended up with a horrible fever (ranging from 102-103.4) where I was shivering --you know, teeth chattering shivers--trying to get warm then soaking wet as the fever broke. Felt better for a few hours then repeat. Finally the next evening after 3 cycles of that, we went to the emergency room.  G and I were both fearful that we had a complication from the delivery.

As the doctor came in and talked with us, she also said basically at this stage postpartum (8 days), they have to assume retained placenta until proven otherwise.  Ummm....thanks for the confirmation of our fears. Fortunately, we had an ultrasound that showed we did NOT have any retained placenta. Thank God!!
I was diagnosed with a bladder infection/uti.  The doctor said, "1 in 6 people get them from the catheter."  haha! Of course, I would be the one.  Honestly, the bladder infection was welcome given the fear of retained placenta.  The course of action had that been the case, is a D&C.  And the thought of a D&C, eight days after childbirth was really not welcome.

A came home from his summer time with his Dad and family when Lily was 9 days old. He was really excited to be home and meet her. His aunt and his Dad's fiance helped him pick out a couple gifts for Lily that he was proud of.

This little angel has made us so happy and made our lives complete...

Happy 2 week birthday, Lily. ♥ Mama and Daddy love you so much!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Lily's Arrival

Here are some pictures from Lily's arrival and her first day. ♥

Daddy cutting the cord.

Getting checked out.

My what big feet you have...

Cleaned off a little and showing us how her lungs work.

Mama taking pictures and is in love with Daddy all over again...
watching him with this baby.

Waving at Mama

Love that tush!

I am in love with this picture...

We worked really hard and needed a nap ♥

So happy, he is!

Daddy was trying to get Lily's eyes opened for our picture,
but I love that the nurse took it of us looking at her.

Our little cannoli

eyes opened...

Baby's got blue eyes...


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birth Story

Lily's Arrival...

Friday, July 23, 2010:

G and I were a little anxious awaiting the call from the hospital that was supposed to come between 9pm and midnight telling us to come in.  We grilled out, ate supper together for the last time just the two of us, watched tv, made sure we had everything we needed for the hospital and just enjoyed each other.  I decided about 9pm to take a shower and sure enough, the phone rang RIGHT after I got in around 9:05pm telling us we could come in.  I told the nurse we'd be there shortly.

I finished my shower, told G the hospital called, got the rest of my things together, he took a shower and off we went to have our baby girl!

10:13pm: On way to hospital

10:44pm: At hospital, checked in and waiting for room.

11:11pm: In labor&delivery room number 8.

Shortly after, the doctor came in to check my cervix...dilated to one, but she said "The baby's still up pretty high and you're not effaced much at all."

Saturday, July 24, 2010:
1:00am: Misoprostol inserted vaginally to ripen cervix. Doc said she'd be back at 5am to check progress.

2:00am: Magnesium started because of preeclampsia and blood pressure was high. To reduce the risk of seizure.

2:15am: hot and crampy Felt like I had peed on myself slightly.... (nurse wasn't sure that my water broke and I wasn't sure that she didn't hook up my catheter correctly)

2:31am: contractions showing on ultrasound now-- 3 to 4 minutes apart.  Totally feeling like I had peed all over myself (I'm pretty certain my water broke, airheaded nurse, still not certain, so she called dr.)

3:15am: Dr. came in to check because I kept saying either my water broke or I had peed on myself. Sure enough, water broke. Was dilated to 3. Said I could get epidural

3:45am: Epidural started and then I slept! Yay! Daddy did too. :) 

Around 7:15am, I woke up because I was having a lot of pain...nurse checked contractions and they were 2 to 3 minutes apart. I told her I was feeling entirely too much for having an epidural, so they called the anesthesiologist to come back and check to see if I needed more. 

Anesthesiologist gave me more medicine around 7:40am and said, "It should kick in in 5 to 7 minutes." I watched the clock and at 7:50am, I asked the nurse (new nurse) how long she said because it's not working!

Nurse called the doctor to come check me before calling for more epidural and told her I kept saying I felt like I had to poop.  Which I did feel like. :)  Fortunately, it was all baby and nothing more!

Doctor came shortly after and said, "I think you're dilated to 10. I'm going to get another doctor in to check to be sure, but I think you're ready."

2nd doctor comes to check shortly after 8:00am. Sure enough dilated to 10...ready to have this baby. Apparently sans medicine. :(

I was NOT excited about the lack of epidural...especially since I went through the pain of getting the darn thing in my back! The contractions were terribly painful and I kept saying, "Wow this really sucks." over and over. G held my hand, rubbed my head, asked me what he could do for me and helped me through it all. The need to push became a lot stronger, so the nurse got us started while we waited for the doctor...

8:23am: Started pushing.

8:46am: crowning!

Nurse said, "ok, you have to stop, I don't want to be the one to deliver your baby!" 
Doctor arrived right after that.

We pushed about 3 more times.

Lily Katarina
6lbs 6.2 ounces 19.5 inches long

This is her first breath! (Way to capture it, Daddy!)

(Will do a picture post next)