Saturday, August 14, 2010

In 3 Weeks, I Have Learned...

~Only sleeping a couple hours at a time, leads to weird dreams when sleeping.

~Babies grow up too quickly.

~I give birth to babies who take a long time to return to birth weight.

~The 2nd time around, I'm wayyyy more relaxed, even if it has been over 10 years.

~I fall in love with my husband over and over again as I watch him with our daughter.

~The one night of 7 hours of sleep I got, while Daddy bottlefed what I had pumped, was heaven.

~I'm so grateful to not feel I'm doing this on my own.

~Daddy is better at swaddling than I am.

~Sometimes I just like to hold my baby until she falls asleep.  And I don't care if it will "spoil" her.

~That in 1999, when A was a baby, side-sleeping was all the rage. Today, it's back sleeping. And despite all of that, my baby sleeps best on her belly.

~I have a super gassy baby.

~I have very good friends who are understanding.

~According to my scale at home, I have lost pregnancy weight, plus 3 pounds.

~I have to remind myself to eat.

~I still love peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and freezepops.

~I need to get a 1st year calendar with stickers like I had for A.

~Daddy's way is ok too.

~I am blessed to have a husband who encourages, supports, loves and compliments.

~That 3 weeks and 3 more is a LONG time to wait to have sex.

~I'm happy that I desire my husband even after childbirth.

~I can live in camisoles and my husband's boxer shorts.

~Finding time to take a shower is a luxury.

~It is important to take your stool softeners even after you get home.

~Saturday nights going to the grocery store and Babies R Us means my priorities are in line.

~Girls don't pee in the front of their diapers like boys do.

~Leaking breasts are not sexy.

~Jaundice is scary to see.

~This list could be much, much longer...

~It is such an amazing miracle to go from conception to delivery...and I marvel in my daughter's life everyday.



  1. Oh, my- that precious pic in your sidebar- just darling!

    Hope you are adjusting to life with a newborn again! Love you!

  2. Sleeping only a few hours at a time does lead to wierd dreams eeeeeeeek I remember that all to well when we had to wake up every two hours to feed Kelcee....she was a preimee so we had to wake her every two hours and when I would sleep I would be so exhausted I would always dream of Frankenstien chasing me...LOL my hubs would be like Summer Frankenstien is not scary and I would be like well come in my dream he is there hahahha

    See told ya you would be back to your pre baby size quick and you sure are that is awesome :0)

    I think daddy's can swaddle better too....I always had a time....

    Glad all is easier this time around for ya....
    Kelcee had jaundice too and had to be on the billy blanket and it was scary eeeeeek....I remember we had her in a yellow baby gap onsie thingy to bring her home from the hospital in and she looked the color of was scary

    I am so happy you have your presh miracle daughter....

    Summer ;)