Saturday, August 7, 2010

2 Weeks

Today Lily is 2 weeks old!


How is it that those moments during the end of pregnancy can D.R.A.G. and then when the baby arrives, all of a sudden 2 weeks have passed? Before you know it, you look up and your baby is 10 years old.

G and I spend time literally just staring at her. She's so adorably cute and her facial expressions are funny --the way her eyes roll back as she's falling asleep, her involuntary smiles as she's sleeping that show off the one dimple by her mouth, how she makes her mouth into a circle looking like she's saying "hooo" like an owl...just like her big brother did.

In the last 2 weeks, we've had little sleep, been to the doctor a few times and have been trying to adjust to life with a newborn.
Lily was jaundiced after coming home from the hospital. She was 6 days old and it was not good. Her numbers were very high. We had a bili blanket delivered to our house that night and she was on it until Monday morning. Saturday, we went back to the pediatrician to have her numbers checked and it had dropped nearly 5 points and she'd gained 4 ounces. She began pooping as she should have which helps to get rid of the bilirubin in her body too. The pediatrician was very encouraged and told us to keep her on the blanket until Monday, then get rid of it.
She looked like a light saber. :)  You're our only hope, Obi Wan.

I was really sore and had quite a bit of pain the first few days and slowly began to feel better.

Sure enough, Lily's visits weren't the only trips to the doctor we had to take. 

When Lily was a week old, I ended up with a horrible fever (ranging from 102-103.4) where I was shivering --you know, teeth chattering shivers--trying to get warm then soaking wet as the fever broke. Felt better for a few hours then repeat. Finally the next evening after 3 cycles of that, we went to the emergency room.  G and I were both fearful that we had a complication from the delivery.

As the doctor came in and talked with us, she also said basically at this stage postpartum (8 days), they have to assume retained placenta until proven otherwise.  Ummm....thanks for the confirmation of our fears. Fortunately, we had an ultrasound that showed we did NOT have any retained placenta. Thank God!!
I was diagnosed with a bladder infection/uti.  The doctor said, "1 in 6 people get them from the catheter."  haha! Of course, I would be the one.  Honestly, the bladder infection was welcome given the fear of retained placenta.  The course of action had that been the case, is a D&C.  And the thought of a D&C, eight days after childbirth was really not welcome.

A came home from his summer time with his Dad and family when Lily was 9 days old. He was really excited to be home and meet her. His aunt and his Dad's fiance helped him pick out a couple gifts for Lily that he was proud of.

This little angel has made us so happy and made our lives complete...

Happy 2 week birthday, Lily. ♥ Mama and Daddy love you so much!



  1. Those are wonderful pictures and she is adorable! I am glad it was just a UTI.

    Have fun and good luck with your precious family. Y'all really are such a cute looking family.

  2. She seriously is so beautiful...even in that crazy blanket!
    Sorry to hear you got a UTI and hope you are back to normal!
    Love your pictures and I am so happy for you girl!

  3. Your daughter is so beautiful!! I especially love that last, sweet picture you posted of her sleeping.

    That is one crazy blanket! I've never seen anything like that!

    Hope you are feeling better from the UTI - if you had to get sick, I'm glad it was something relatively simple!

  4. First, I love the baby light-saber.

    Second, I'm so sorry you had to go to the hospital! I would've guessed mastitis since I got the chills and fever and felt possibly the worst of my life when I got it.

    Third, LOVE A's big smile while holding his baby sister

    Finally, I have a picture of E that looks just like that last picture of Lily and I love it too!

  5. She looks so peaceful sleeping in that last picture you posted

  6. She is beautiful!!! Congrats to you and your family on the new addition!!

  7. Both mine had jaundice. They looked like little glowworms. Your baby is adorable!