Monday, August 16, 2010

Just a Swingin'

I love me a bargain.

Saturday night, G, A, Lily and myself headed to Babies R Us to return a few duplicate items we've received. 

The one thing, I've been coveting for my baby is the Fisher Price Cradle 'n Swing.  We didn't register for it because I can't stand how much these things cost.

Instead, I've been stalking watching Craigslist for months to find the one I want.  Some people are ridiculous in their pricing while others are reasonable. I just haven't found one that is from a smoke-free house that I want for the right price.

So, we walked into BRU and like the angels singing to me...there was one of the coveted swings near the front door on clearance. 
Regular retail: $149.99. Seriously? A hundred and fifty bucks? No, thank you. I'm way too frugal.

Clearance price: $119.00.  Still not crazy about that, but $30 savings AND it's already assembled makes me happy.  It was the floor model (only out for a month and 1/2).

Best part: I had a 20% off coupon, so this little gem that would have cost $150.00, ended up costing us: $95.92.  Yippee!!

With our return credits and our gift cards we STILL had, this treasure was a gift and EXACTLY what I had wanted.

I love that it rocks from side to side and also swings back and forth. 

I had this brand/type for A and I loved it.  He preferred the side-to-side which not every swing does.

This particular one, has music, ocean sounds, rain, babbling brook, and a light up mobile.

Oh! Did I mention, it has an AC adapter????....those of you with baby swings past and present know how many batteries you go through...No more for us!!!

And of course, we love all things to do with fish here, so it's perfect.  Perfect.

At nearly $55.00 less than regular retail, I felt comfortable with purchasing it at BRU instead of scouring Craigslist anymore. 



  1. Well you thirfty momma you!! You totally scored an AWESOME DEAL and I am impressed being at BRU usually they never mark down the swings yippeeeeee!! We had the Fisher Price Cradle n Swing the lamb one for Kelcee and she looooooooooooved it she only liked going side by side......I love how Lily is just a swingin'
    and I totally love that you got it 50.00 off plus using your gift cards you didn't have to spend anything.....SCORE.....

    Now can you please teach me how to be thrifty? I am sure the hubs would appreciate it....I'm the one that spends $8.00 on eclipse bandaids hhahahhha but in my defense they are cute but did I mention you only get 15....yeah....oopsy....


  2. The baby swing was such a lifesaver! We just ran through batteries like crazy with ours, though.

  3. we would have never survived without the swing

  4. What a deal! I'll have to remember that swing as my due date gets a little closer...

  5. We gots the same one, it was great. Do yourself a favor and run to BJs/Costco/etc and stock up on those sized C and D batteries. It'll eat em up but it's far worth it.

  6. OMG! I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks. By the way, I need your new address ;)

  7. Cute! My daughter had one the exact same one and loved it.