Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boobs & Bottles

Welp, Lily managed to gain 4 more ounces for her weight check, but she still isn't back to her birth weight. :(

Which means the pediatrician wants us to supplement 2oz. of formula after breastfeeding. 

I'm not excited about this turn of events at all, but most importantly, I want my daughter to get her boost and gain the weight she needs. 

We go back again on Friday for another weight check.

We've been doing the supplementing for 3 days and can tell she's gaining. Her clothes are fitting differently and she's sleeping longer stretches at night.  She is, however, spitting up now, where she wasn't before.  I imagine it's the switch of formula. We'll address that Friday too.

She's doing great --happy and doesn't have any issue with taking a bottle or breastfeeding...thank goodness!
Like I said, I'm not super excited about supplementing, but we'll do what we have to do for her!



  1. I can't believe there are still docs out there who advise this. It's a supply and demand thing...the more she takes, the more you make. If she's being supplemented, you make less.

    Have you tried expressing breast milk into a bottle for her? This way, win make more...she gets more of your good stuff.

    Just a thought. Naturally, I'm not a doctor - so I don't pretend to be one. Just speaking from good ol' experience.

  2. I've had to supplement all three of mine. I fully agree with what Marlene said above about supply and demand, but I've NEVER EVER been able to make enough. Mag lost a whole pound, I had no choice with Fionn because of the NIC-U thing. I started pumping right away, every two hours, but still had to supplement. Same thing this time with Cate. We didn't even make it three months. No matter what we did, what methods we tried, no matter how ofter I nursed or pumped, I still didn't make enough.
    I know it's hard when you really want that connection, but do what you can. Don't kill yourself, and don't give-up, but if she needs it, she needs it. We swear by the Enfamil Gentle Ease formula, it has worked great with Fionn and Cate.
    Good luck!!