The Kids

Andrew is my Not-So-Little Guy. ;)
Yeah, the 16-year-old, first born, my first baby, my guinea pig for parenting.
He loves lacrosse, hockey, legos, Star Wars, video games, robotics, math, reading, fishing, social studies, Greek mythology, swimming, Harry Potter books and movies and his favorite color is green. His favorite food is a cheeseburger and he's loved them since he was 1. 

He is in his 3rd year of marching band this year and it makes my bandgeek heart so happy that he loves it as much as I did!
He and I have a very intuitive connection. There's a lot we simply just know about how each other 'works'. 
It was just the two of us for quite awhile and
I'm so grateful for that time in our lives.
He's so good with his little sisters! It makes me very proud!

 Lily is my Little Punky Pie. ;)

She is the 5 year old, my girl, the one who gives me gray hair.

She loves exerting her independence from putting on her own shoes to making herself chocolate milk, loves her Daddy~though she's definitely become more of a mama's girl in the last year, reading books, listening to music, singing, Frozen, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Bubble Guppies, strawberries, cheese, her big brother, her baby, her stepsister, taking baths, swinging,

Violet is our grand finale, our Little Pumpkin Pie.  She was a much wanted surprise who entered the world shortly before Halloween on her due date.  She has blessed us a million times over! She is the happiest baby~ her smiles are contagious! She's two, as she will tell you if you ask. :)

Reagan is the "his" in our "his, mine and ours". :)

She is the 12 year old who lives with us Monday through Friday.

She loves drawing,  playing the flute, school, helping her dad do pretty much anything, and singing.

I'm grateful for her in our family and so happy to watch all the ways she has grown over the last 8 years.