Friday, June 11, 2010

I Have a 5th Grader? WHAT?

Today is my son's last day of 4th grade.  Soon enough he's going to stop giving me kisses before he gets out of the car to go into school or signing "I love you" as he looks back at me one last time for going in the door.

We started the signing when he was in preschool and it's continued because I want him to remember and for that to be my last picture in my mind of him everyday before I pick him up.

Last Day:
1st day:

This young man started the beginning of the year thinking he wouldn't like 4th grade because 3rd grade was "so fun." going to "my favorite part of 4th grade was my teacher and I'm going to miss her next year."

I LOVED his teacher and I'm SOOOOOOO glad he was in her class, so I understand his feelings about her.

For grades, he ended up with all A's and one B+ and we couldn't be prouder! Keep it up, kid!

He's thrilled to play videogames any day of the week now....'cause during school it's only on the weekends.

I seriously cannot believe he's going to be in 5th grade!  And next year, he will not be my only "baby". When school starts in the fall, Lily will be here and all sorts of new routines begin.


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