Thursday, June 3, 2010

Swing Batta Batta Batta Swing!

I wasn't sure if I wanted to write about this, but decided I've had enough. I'm over the high road and having Children's Services involved in my life.  We're preparing for a baby, planning a wedding, and enjoying our family. That's where I'm keeping my life.

Sometimes, however, curve balls come my way and I have to either let them pass or hit 'em out of the park.  Today I'm up to bat.

This was brought to my attention (and yes, I read it myself also)...written on a blog today about my family:

"I've been very frustrated lately with this whole shared custody bullshit, but it's gotten to the point of really, what can I do. NOTHING. I just have to pray harder for protection & safety for my unsupervised 6 year old, & keep praying for the assholes that are responsible for her for 3.5 days a week that they open up their eyes & get off of their lazy asses & be responsible. Praying for your enemies is tough, but it's the only way I find peace in all of this. God's hand is on my daughter no matter WHERE she is, but it's also the responsibility of the adults to be ADULTS & WATCH what their children are doing, not leave them unsupervised for hours on end to get into God knows what. My daughter's already been through 1 extremely inappropriate situation that could have easily been avoided had the adults actually been paying attention, & what is going on now between 2 kids under 10 being left to themselves is starting to really scare me. BUT, like I said, God is with her, even when I can't be, & it's only through Him that I get through the day sometimes!"

Apparently, we are lazy assholes, unsupervising parents, and inappropriateness is abound in our house all the time.  (Remember, I was accused of molesting this child, so of course everything is truthful.)

Here's my thought:   best of luck. There is only one person hurting in your drama. 

p.s. It's not me.

Reference for background info:

And here's the humor that I find when I turn on the radio sometimes:



  1. oK JUST WENT AND READ THE BACKGROUND.WOOPS stupid caps lock key.. Umm as a REAL sexual abuse survivor enduring it is bad enough, trying to get your child to sya it happened is jut sick and twisted and I would seriously love to meet this woman and lay hands on her.. cast some demons out in a non prayerful way.. ya know...

  2. WOW! That's crazy talk right there!!!

  3. Well, you know me and I'm a true believer of karma. I know it comes back around & sometimes it takes a little longer than planned but IT DOES. She'll get hers & since I read that she believes that Jesus is making his second coming she'll get to answer for ALL her wrong doings to him directly. So, that'll be karma twice & I know it comes back to you three fold which means, she won't be seeing those pearly gates. She'll be "vedgeing" out in the pits of hell where she belongs.