Monday, June 28, 2010

Doctor Visit 33 weeks

Doctor visit today.  33 weeks, 2 days. 
Update on 33 week mark

Short and sweet. 

Weight check --none gained., blood pressure --120/82, measure the belly --33 weeks, listen to heartbeat --140s. ♥

Next appointment scheduled for 2 weeks, growth scan scheduled for 2 weeks....and then we have appointments EVERY week! Wow!! Are we really there already?????

We actually scheduled our final growth scan appointment all while having the conversation that that one could POSSIBLY not even happen if she comes a little bit early!  It was very surreal to realize that...
I loved this doctor and I'm hoping she's the one who delivers!

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  1. oh yeah everything is sounding great!!!! I always got super excited when the 1 week check up came.