Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Doc Check Up and Stroller Love

Doctor's appointment today...Regular check up.

Weight gain: 3 pounds for a total of 18lbs.

BP: 122/80

Lily's heartbeat: strong and 138. She kicked the doctor when the doc was using the doppler! :) I asked about what's "normal" since that was the lowest it's been ever. Dr. told me that Lily's heartbeat was strong and there was nothing to worry about. Also that often it can be slower at different times of day and later in pregnancy.  We do growth scans every 4 weeks and she assured me that everything is right on with our baby. :)

I had a little concern yesterday thinking I may be leaking amniotic fluid. I didn't REALLY think I was, but at this point at 29 weeks 4 days today, I just didn't want to take any chances.  Without sharing WAY too much information....I discussed what was going on with the doctor today and she said she didn't think I was leaking amniotic fluid either, but to be sure and to make me feel better, she'd just check. All is well! No leaking and yet another, "Wow your cervix is really deep." comment.

Lily has been a little kicker all day today...or maybe it's hiccups. :)

Back for growth scan and another check up in a couple weeks!

G and I have also been working on baby stuff, not THAT kind of working on baby stuff. ha!

We worked on our registry, finally got our baby shower scheduled and put the travel system together. Next up: crib and nursery completion!

Admist our watching True Blood for the 1st time...
I love our stroller and carseat! My favorite flowers are gerbera daisies and this cutie thing has pink and gray daisies and it was what I loved!

When A was a baby, this was the kind and brand of system I had with him and truly loved it. One of the main's tall enough for G and I to push without being hunched over! All the little features--things like: the compartment that closes at the top for my keys and phone, the option of pushing with one hand with alternative handles --are what I love! My own experience with the brand and this stroller 10 years ago was enough for me to choose it again, despite looking at a couple other brands and styles to consider. 

I have to admit it was kind of surreal playing with it last night ---the buckles, the handles on the carseat--it has been a very long time since I have had a baby! In a few short months, Lily will be here sitting in that carseat. ♥  It was cute to see G with the stroller pushing it around the house making sure the wheels were on right and ensuring everything worked properly.

We're excited!!!


  1. oh and I'm following you now too, so I'll be back!!

  2. oh that is so awesome! My daughter is named Lily too.
    I'm visiting you from Jen's blog. Thought I'd pop in and say hi!

  3. I can't wait to see your nursery! I'm working on mine too and finally just ordered the crib. We're such procrastinators, though DH did put the stroller together as soon as we got it so he can play with it.