Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Believe I Can Fly...

My kids have been taking basketball skills for the past couple months.  The other day, they had their wrap-up party, had pizza and got a new basketball each! R hasn't done many organized activities ---she's played hockey and now this, so it was important for us to get her involved. A has been involved in all kinds of sports and activities for most of his life, but basketball was new to him this year.

It was a good class for them to take once a week and it was something they got to do together. Usually with stuff like that, they're split up into different age groups, but this was all together. 

Here are some pictures and short videos from the 1st day:

I think they enjoyed the ice cream after...what do you think?

This past Thursday they wrapped up their time in basketball....

This time they celebrated with fake mustaches from the grocery store machines! hahaha
p.s. When they tried to smile with them on...the mustaches fell off!


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  1. They are rocking those mustaches. Looks like they had a blast and so cool that they could do that camp together. I hate when they make boys nad girls play apart. I know som girls tougher then some boys lol.