Thursday, April 18, 2013

Steph Snippets

~Well, here we are again... two weeks since I've last blogged.  Suffice to say this pregnancy has been R-O-U-G-H.  Ask my family.  I haven't been nice either.  So, silence has probably been a much better option all the way around.

~I have a review that I did almost two months ago and a giveaway coming up next week on it! I feel terrible for the delay and am thankful for each and every opportunity.

~I also have a local giveaway to share next week! It's one of my favorite local "events" each year. Mamas with kids, be sure to check back!

~I'm 14 weeks pregnant today and feel like I have been pregnant for an eternity.  When I realized yesterday, we still have half a year left, I almost cried. I do truly enjoy the miracle and feel so very blessed with the gift of carrying this little one. This pregnancy has just been so much harder than my others. Realizing that I have been pregnant in my 20s, 30s and now 40s is like WHOA.  So, I'm blaming age for this one being so hard!  Next week update will be at 16 weeks.  I've decided that every 4 weeks is good for me to update on the blog. :)

~Andrew's lacrosse schedule has kept us pretty busy these last weeks. This week alone he's had 3 games.  Practice is Monday through Friday except for game days of course.  He loves it a lot.  I'm glad!  His team isn't doing so hot, but they do have half a team of 7th graders who have never played before, so they're still learning.  I'm hoping they get a win soon! {He's 43 ♥}

~My blog commenting has been horrific too. I have been reading.  Mostly from my phone though while laying in my bed which is difficult for commenting.  So, I'm hoping to rectify that soon and catch up.

~The weather has finally decided that it's going to be spring/summer-ish and not winter. Thankfully! So, we have been playing outside a lot too.  Lily is loving it! It has been a long winter.

~I admitted on Facebook recently that I love Barry Manilow.  Those of y'all in my life for a long time have probably known that anyway. My first cat's name was Mandy! I've seen him several times in concert in the past. Andrew's dad used to make fun of me because people would steal random stuff out of my Jeep Wrangler, but they never took my Barry Manilow cassette.  A few weeks ago, a local blogger was having a giveaway for tickets to an upcoming Barry show and guess who won?!  This girl!  I'm super excited!!

~Summer plans are in the works.  Out of state travel has been decided for June for Andrew and July dates are pretty certain.  What I appreciate about my relationship with my exhusband is our ability to work things out pretty easily for Andrew.  A bonus for the beginning of the summer, is Andrew is done the last week of May this year for the first time since we've lived here! So, we're driving to Nashville together {instead of meeting his dad halfway in Cincy} and Lily and I are visiting friends! I can't wait!   Also, Lily's 3rd birthday is this summer, so I've been working on party stuff sparingly too. The theme has been decided. The picture for the invitation has been captured and I've been doing some researching.  I love party planning!

~I have so many updates to do on this blog. I'll get there eventually.  Trying to live life and enjoy my days with just Lily and I as much as possible.  :)

Thanks for checking in!

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  1. The lacrosse schedule alone is enough to drive any mom crazy! Add that to pregnancy and life with a toddler and a house to maintain...well, it's a recipe for disaster! You know I understand! ;)