Monday, November 3, 2014

Trick or Treat!

Halloween 2014 is in the books.

For approximately year 4, we had cold, rainy weather. It makes for a not super fun trick or treating for the little ones, but we made the best of it!

This year Andrew's school football team had a playoff game on Halloween night, so the marching band did too. They made it a special night for the band kids by having supper for them before they had to get on the bus to go.  The kids also got to wear costumes instead of marching band uniforms. Off he went to the game as a piece of bacon!

We dropped Andrew off at band then came home to feed the girls a quick supper before trick or treating began at 6pm.  The girls thought these little jack o lantern quesadillas were pretty fun!

Then we needed to get outside for a few quick pictures before the sun went down.  Trying to get Violet to stand long enough for me to get a picture of her was tough. Lily was pretty cooperative. :)

Our favorite Elsa and the sweetest guitar!

 Daddy went as a hunter and helped out with Pippi standing and smiling! :)

Oma snapped a quick family picture on her phone for us too! 
(Violet and I are shooting lasers with our eyes!)

Lily did a good job remembering to say trick or treat and thank you this year. She didn't need any help going up to each door and she loved ringing the doorbell--even if someone was standing there waiting haha! My girl is too big, too quickly.

Violet grabbed some Cheetos at her first house. :)

The rain picked up a little more, it got colder and we were ready to head home. Our neighborhood didn't have a lot of trick or treaters, so our girls ended up with a TON of candy for just being out for about 45 minutes to an hour. 

We got the girls out of costumes and warmed up to snuggle up and read a couple new Halloween books and soon it was time for bed.

Since I wasn't able to get a picture of all 3 of my kids together on Halloween, I had them all costume up for a few pictures the next day. :)  Oma was here this year too!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Cute cute cute! I love that Oma was here for trick or treat :)

  2. They all looked so cute! I'm glad Oma was there for it, too!