Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Veggies CAN #BeFlavorFull

We are a busy family, period.

A teenager, a tween, a 5 year old, and a 2 year old, plus the grown ups. Someone always has something going on. Marching band has ended for this season just in time to ramp up into concert band concerts, choir concerts. That means there are still rehearsals, meetings for spring trips, holiday events, plus all the other activities we like to participate in. B U S Y always.

Lily and Reagan don't even get off the bus until after 4pm, so by the time we get home, get homework done, catch up with what's going on, often it's time to head out the door for the evening rehearsal or activity. That means I need simple and quick for supper.

Many days I do crockpot meals to save time. I always like to make sure that I have a veggie for my family to eat try no matter what we're having! So timesavers are a necessity during the week!

Sometimes getting my family to try new vegetables is tough. They like what they like. We tend to sing a preschooler song about trying new foods pretty often to encourage the little girls...and sometimes the big kids too. ;)  Singing, "You gotta try new foods 'cause it might taste goooood," to my just turned 16 year old to remind him that like or not he's a model for the little ones works pretty well... Most of the time.

BirdsEye vegetables in Steamfresh bags help make having veggies quick and easy and helps me spend less time cooking and more time with my family!

BirdsEye has launched a whole new line of Flavor Full veggies in their Steamfresh bags-- meaning, you don't have to scrimp on flavor to save time!  You can bet these are sure to turn my picky veggie loving kids into well-rounded veggie lovers!  Barbecue Sweet Corn, Fiesta Lime Corn, Buffalo Cauliflower, Wasabi Peas, Sour Cream and Onion Potatoes, Ranch Broccoli, Teriyaki Broccoli, and Sweet Chili Carrots.  Bold, exciting flavors that are nutritional?!  Yes, please!

We decided to try the Flavor Full Ranch Broccoli, Barbecue Sweet Corn, and the Sour Cream and Onion Potatoes on this trip.

Andrew picked the Flavor Full Ranch Broccoli to try first.

You can find where these Flavor Full vegetables are by checking here

Right now, you can save money trying some of these new Birds Eye Flavor Full vegetables by clicking here for a $1 off coupon or on the image right below!

Stay tuned...I'll share what the verdict is with more pictures!

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  1. Just went over to check out all the great new flavors. I love that Birdeye is making veggies so quick and easy, with no prep work! Check out how I dish up my health veggies http://bit.ly/1MSQ8jH