Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Routine is the Secret to our #FormulaForHappiness

When it comes to being a mom, feeding my family is one of my main roles. I mean, don't you always feel like you're either planning meals, preparing meals, or cleaning up from those meals?! Even as babies, life is centered around ensuring the baby is getting the right nutrition. Our routine ensures we are rarely having meals "on the fly."

I'm excited to once again team up with Gerber® Good Start® and be able to share with you that they have been listening to consumers and now all their infant formulas are all GMO free!  

Gerber® Good Start's shift to Non-GMO ingredients is simply based on their desire to meet the evolving preferences of parents who use formula for their babies.  That is incredible!

Our #formulaforhappiness at home has been one that is summed up in a simple phrase:

Consistency = Security = Love and Happiness. 

The routine is what makes life work in our house.  Keeping schedules organized is just one part of running our family and definitely plays a role in our #formulaforhappiness.

My husband and I both feel routines are important for kids and that started for us even when our girls were babies.  Recognizing that early on, made for starting out life with a newborn much easier for us.

Sleep is a huge part of that routine.

Our girls have always been good sleepers even from the beginning.  That is essential for us as parents trying to keep everything running smoothly in our house. None of it would have been possible without our formula for happiness! We were consistent with our scheduling {flexible when needed} so our girls felt secure and happy and loved.

Having a good night's rest and good naps makes for happy babies!    Naps have always been part of our scheduling with our babies and our night time routine has made for happy girls. Bath, books, bed. Simple.  There are songs after they are in bed. Each of my kids have a song that I sing specifically to them that are also part of their routine. We ensure the room is dark, a sound machine soothes and blocks out outside noise. The girls know what to expect and are great sleepers which makes for happy kids and happy parents!

I truly believe that when kids know what to expect, they are more secure and they know they are loved and happy.  Just like adults like to know what's next in their day. Why wouldn't that work for babies and kids also?

What's your #formulaforhappiness in your house?

What do you think about Gerber® Good Start® new non-GMO formulas?


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  1. Awww, this is so sweet. Sleep is so so so important for everyone in the house and a vital part of my sanity! Love the sleeping photos! What a sweetheart!