Monday, February 29, 2016

Family Night In with Netflix #StreamTeam

In the real life hustle and bustle of having four kids---toddler to teenager---with activities most nights of the week for someone and only having one car, making sure we have family nights in, is a very important part of our family.

Friday nights used to be an easy choice for our family-- homemade pizza, a movie, and kids falling asleep early snuggled up on the couch.  A couple of years ago when Andrew joined marching band Friday nights returned to a life of Friday Night Lights.

Now, due to our crazy schedule of band, choir, dance, volleyball, science club, swim lessons, parent meetings, open houses, and a million other activities in a week, we can't really have a set specific day for family night in, so we have to plan it. It's the season of our lives right now and I try to embrace it!

Family nights in always include lots of "movie snacks" --Lily is the coordinator of what we have to eat. She sets up a table and organizes all the snacks. She gives everyone their snack bowls so we can choose what we want individually. I love that she's so joyful about it! Lots of blankets, sometimes even forts.  It's a special time.

Lately, we've been watching Home. A lot! Violet loveloveloves it, so it's on several times a week. Our first viewing was as a family on Netflix.

When I was growing up, we watched Full House as a family. So much nostalgia was wrapped up in that show for me. My dad was still alive, so the memories are comforting and connected.  When word that Fuller House was coming to Netflix, I wasn't so sure about it, but definitely excited to see what it was all about.

We started watching--immediately my eyes filled with tears as the original opening began. I spent the first 10 minutes grinning. I laughed a lot and it was everything I had hoped it would be. The end of the first episode was perfect. Nostalgic.  What I love about it is the same "hokey" humor that reminds me of simpler times.

Violet kept yelling "Baby cute! Baby cute!" and both girls were dancing every time there was singing and music playing. Lily kept asking me why I was crying. haha

We're looking forward to watching more and as always we love how Netflix is a huge part of our family nights in.

Next time your family is gathering around the TV, look to TV Time for the Fam and other Fuller House-inspired title collections to find something everyone can agree on:

What does Family Night In look like in your house?

Watch Together Titles on Netflix

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