Thursday, December 6, 2012

Steph Snippets

~I've been sitting here staring at this blank screen for awhile. Too many thoughts floating around...Lily potty training, Andrew's 13th birthday, recent lessons in conditional love, a difficult element of parenting...just to name a few.

~I do have a giveaway to post Saturday, yes, Saturday it starts. I don't understand the weekends off from blogging {I write when I feel like writing} and I want to maximize the all girl mamas be certain to be back! You'll be glad you did.

~I ordered my second round of Christmas cards last night and started working on my 3rd. I like the variety this year and will post them all when they've all been mailed...ON TIME this year!

~I've had a few disheartening moments in the last few weeks and find that I don't like the feeling that people are disappointing. People whom I believed were friends have shown otherwise and rather than dwell, after my own attempts at communicating, the best thing for me is to move forward. Life is too short. On the flipside of that, I have some amazing friends in my life and the time and energy for friendships deserves to be put there. They deserve it. So I am doing just that.

~We've been homebound all week mostly because I've really wanted this potty thing to stick and needed to reinforce with Lily. Potty training update will get its own post soon!

~My husband's work schedule really gets to me this time of year especially. Not really much to say other than it's difficult for me.

~Finding time for me has been hard lately. The grocery store is not me time.  If I stay up late to have some time alone then I'm exhausted the next morning because no matter what time bedtime is, 6:30am is wake up time. So, lately...I've been exhausted. Blech. I need more hours in my day.

~O Holy Night brings me to tears instantly. As does I'll Be Home for Christmas.

~Watching the previews for next week's Parenthood was too much for me...gushing tears. The video  Kristina made for her kids saying she was so happy to be their mom gahhhhhhh I'm crying now just thinking of it. It's the best show on tv. The best.

~My new printer arrived yesterday and I thought I was excited about wireless printing, but eprinting?!?!? I am super excited! Which also makes me a super nerd.  I'm ok with that. I can print from my phone, I can print by sending the document to my printer's email. Seriously? Genius.

~We're taking a day trip soon and going to A Christmas Story house in Ohio!! Andrew has loved this movie since he was like 4 and we've been talking about it for the last few years.  Well, Groupon had a deal on tickets recently and we scooped 'em up to make sure we go! I can't wait!

~Yesterday morning George hit his toe on the wooden stepstool that Lily uses in the bathroom to wash her hands. We had a dumb argument about the whole thing--the stool, the kicking of it. Just one of those nonsense stupid arguments. Last night, after it had gotten moved to its regular space, I ended up hitting my toe off the dumb thing. First time in 5 years I've ever hit my foot on it.  Figures.

Ok these random snippets of Steph have come to a close for bed is calling my name.

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  1. Can you "me" time involve me?? Let's plan something soon, especially since I won't be seeing your pretty face at the Christmas party!!! Getting excited for your trip?!?!