Monday, February 25, 2013

6 weeks: baby i 2.0

We have a heartbeat!!!


This past Friday we headed for our first ultrasound. We were very excited and anxious to be able to see the baby's heartbeat. The baby is measuring right on time!

The u/s tech started with a regular u/s and said we'd have to do a vaginal because I was so early which I expected. She pointed out the gestational sac during the regular and said, "It's tiny." So, my nerves started to kick in and I said, "Like appropriately tiny?" and she replied, "I'm not sure yet, I have to see better with the vaginal." Ok, then...let's get on with it!

She did say, "There is something in there for sure!"  and the relief I felt was amazing...a baby in the right place.

When we started the vaginal u/s, she immediately went looking for the baby and I saw the flickering of the heart on the screen and shouted "Oh yay!!" and the same time, she and I said, "there's the heartbeat!" George said, "How do you see that?" to me and I told him it wasn't my first rodeo--I knew what I was looking for!

So yay! We're even more excited!!

The baby looked like a teeny little blob with a flickering heartbeat that measured at 124.
I cried as soon as I saw the heartbeat and then again on the way home with gratitude and the blessing of carrying this little life!
~Next appointment:  March 13 
~Gender:  unknown!
~Maternity clothes:  I am solely wearing comfortable clothes. Any pants that need to button are forgotten.
~Sleep: I could sleep all day long. All day. But I'm up a few times a night to pee and then wide awake around 5am. This sleeping pattern is for the birds.
~Food cravings:  tomato soup with cheddar cheese. cottage cheese.  water.
~Symptoms: exhaustion primarily. sore boobs although not too bad! bloating.  
~Movement: nope, too early. 
~Labor signs: nope, too early.
~What I miss:  not being exhausted all day. 
~What I'm loving: the blessing of being pregnant... 
~What I'm looking forward to: a continued healthy baby growing
~Best moment this week: seeing the heartbeat at our ultrasound
~Milestones:  1st ultrasound and seeing heartbeat 

Meet baby i 2.0...our sweet little blurry babe. ♥


  1. this brought tears to my eyes, I am so so so excited for you guys! Cant wait to see you this weekend!! xoxo

  2. Hi baby i2.0 You are going to LOVE your family!

  3. Yay! Baby 2.0 (sounds familiar ;)) So very happy for your friend! Wishing you the healthiest pregnancy & baby for the next 34 weeks!

  4. I'm so happy for you! Love that little baby already! I'm glad I get to go through this with you. I'm starting my updates on Friday. Not much to say before that other than, "I'm really sick...still really sick...still really sick!"