Thursday, February 21, 2013

Steph Snippets

~After almost a week of no computer due to a battery on its last leg and a charger holding on by a thread literally, a certain two year old did the charger in and the thread was broken.  Out of commission. While we're awaiting a new part to fix and a new battery, I do have a new charger and am able to function plugged in.  The timing wasn't actually too bad with the exception of some blog work I needed to get accomplished. So, catch up, I will.

~If you have a tiny one that you've wanted to get a pair of Toms for, Zulily has an event going on right now where Tiny Toms are only $18.99. {they're $29 normally}   I actually ordered a pair for Lily using my Ebates money. Ummm hello??? Money I got back from shopping online that I was spending anyway.  If you're not using Ebates when you shop online, you're doing it wrong. 

Zulily has been restocking their Toms over and over. When I first tried to go to the site, it was down and then when I checked back, they didn't have the style I wanted. I checked again this morning and yep I ordered what I had originally looked for yesterday.  I'm a big fan of them for kids, not for me.  If you're interested in signing up for Zulily, it of course would help a girl out if you clicked through my link and same goes for Ebates. PLUS if you sign up for Ebates as a newbie, you get a $10 gift card!  And in case you're wondering, I simply wanted pink Tiny Toms for Lily.

~There's been a lot of exhaustion on my part this pregnancy. Par for the course, I suppose, but of course last time I didn't have a 2 1/2 year old. I've fallen asleep at 9pm some nights and woken up at 5am other mornings.  I literally could sleep all day if I was able to do so. I'm working on a pregnancy update with the rest of the sharing details and where we are, aside from being exhausted. ;)

~I'm over winter. O-V-E-R.  It's too cold and I'd like to get out of my house and sit in the sunshine. We've had a lot of random snow showers that are just a nuisance and making roads bad. Not really enough to play or when there is enough, it's too cold for Lily to be out.

~Andrew is playing lacrosse this year for the first time. I have no idea about lacrosse, so it should be fun to learn along with him! He's doing really well in school and having a great first year of 7th grade. This weekend we have his Scout spaghetti dinner and he's decided instead of waiting on us this year, he wants to eat with us, so we're waiting until his serving shift is over and then eating together. Love that kid. A few weeks ago he had a winter Scout event called the Klondike was fa-reezing this year! He likes this event, but when it was over was ready to come home! You can read about last year here.

~Reagan turned 9 this week and although she's with her mom this week, it was our year with her on her actual birthday, so she came home after school and we had supper, cake and ice cream and presents together.  We're having a birthday party for her this weekend with her friends at a roller rink that she's thrilled about! {"We" being, us and her mom and stepdad.} This is the first time we'll all be together essentially outside of court.  Things have been great between us all for the last 9 months and we're all pretty excited to be able to do this for and with Reagan

~Lily is potty trained and although she wakes up dry from her naps, I still put her in a pull-up at both nap and bedtime. It's honestly been consistently a good couple months where she hasn't had accidents. I still need to write about the whole journey, of course, but I'm so grateful we will have only one baby in diapers! Yay Lily!
"I'm a lion, Mom"

~I've been very lucky to have found a pretty amazing group of friends the last year plus. It seems lately, everyone has had something going on and having an emotional time lately --not all bad stuff, but just taxing. Walking beside these women in all times in our lives is something that is important to me. I love having true friends who are there during both amazing and difficult times.  Yes, I'm purposely not writing details because they're not my stories to share, but I want this here for me to remember this time.  Instead of saying I'm lucky, I say I'm blessed.

Speaking of those friends, we're heading into birthday season for all these baby girls starting to turn 2 with the first one next week! So hard to believe it's that time of year again!

~One month from today I will be forty!


  1. I've missed Steph's snippets and I miss you!

    Yay Lily!!! I can't believe they are all turning 2!

    I agree....definitely been blessed to meet you all!

    Love you friend

  2. Love you, Steph. But you already know that!!! XOXO

  3. Steph's Snippets are back!
    Yay for Lacrosse, family birthdays together, potty training & pregnancy!! Sounds like everything is falling into place nicely for you. What a difference 1 year can make!!