Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Would You Doooo for a Klondike... Derby

Andrew had a Scout camping trip this past weekend. It was their annual Klondike Derby.

My tween headed off for an overnight with his Boy Scout Troop then to participate in an event where they utilize skills they've learned and life skills broken up into smaller groups (patrols). The patrols race to different stations and also race to complete skills at each station against other patrols.  Last year, he and George attended because the Scouts invite the Webelos (Cub Scouts) to go, but they do more observing than participating until the boys are actually in Boy Scouts.  I dropped him off Friday night and then we headed back to pick him late Saturday afternoon.  He was pretty excited about the derby and was looking forward to it!

Saturday while I was home, I looked outside and it had started snowing. That really wet, heavy snow that didn't stick to the ground, but just made everything wet.  I thought about how muddy all those boys were going to be and that I'm sure Andrew was glad he had his gloves, hat and the rest of his winter gear. That was such a mom paragraph haha!

When we arrived to pick up him, they told us at camp that his patrol was in the finals and would be racing. So, we headed down to the races to watch. I was excited his patrol made it! He was cold and muddy, but said it was really fun! His favorite parts were the trecherous terrain and surviving/building a shelter.

Andrew is in the center with a black coat with green strip on his head

They were waiting for scores to be added up and to find out what lane they'd be in for the races. In the mud and cold. 

They made it to the finals, but they didn't win the race.

Then they had to pull their sled back to camp and unload and disassemble ending the 2012 Klondike Derby.

Until next year...


  1. Aw, cold and muddy but still had fun! I am such a proponent for things like scouts and 4-H - so often kids are absorbed solely in their video systems and Internet games. It's nice that these programs offer opportunities to get back to nature and good, clean fun!!