Friday, February 24, 2012

Week Of Reagan...8 Years Old

This week was a short Reagan week since President's Day was Monday she was still at BM's, so when she came home Tuesday after school we were excited to celebrate her birthday! She turned 8 on Sunday and this was an off birthday year for us, so Tuesday it was!

She was excited to open her gifts and choose where or what we were having for her birthday supper! At first she suggested something at home and when we asked her if she was sure and gave her a few more suggestions and reminded her she could choose what she wanted, she decided she wanted to go to Chili's.  We hadn't been there in well more than a year, so off we went!

George had gone back to the car for something &
snapped a phone pic of us through the window. :)
The birthday girl enjoying her brownie sundae!

Legos have been the favorite toy for a longggggg time.  Reagan is content to play with Andrew's Lego and slowly has accumulated some of her own over the years.  This year, a series geared towards girls came out. We knew they'd be PERFECT for her! 
She got a big set from us and a couple others from Oma and a few more gift cards from Granny and PapPap and Aunt Pam.  Lots of love from lots of family for the now 8 year old in our lives. 
I wonder why that one chick is laying on the ground?

Due to Reagan being with BM on the weekends and the whole "it's my time" crap from BM, she has to miss another friend's birthday party coming up, so yesterday after school, we had her friend over for a playdate.  I picked them up at school and they walked out the door hand in hand both grinning from ear to ear.  Her friend said, "My mom told me I had a playdate with Reagan and I almost passed out! I couldn't believe it!" hahaha Ohhhhh the drama of 8 year olds.

First, they did their homework. Yeah, I'm the "mean" mom who makes sure homework happens first.
They played outside, played with dragons, played with the dog, and I heard a lot of imaginary play like "...just ask my mother, Queen Reagan." Finally, they had a little wind down with some of the Disney Channel and a snack before it was time for her friend to go. 

They were wishing they could have a sleepover too. It's moments like that when not having non-school time with Reagan really hits her. Tonight is the zoo sleepover, so the girls have all been talking about that at school too and the disappointment on Reag's face when they talked about it yesterday was hard to see.  I wish she were going probably as much as she is...

Girl Scout cookies are in, organized and ready for delivery!

Reag's cookie sales were successful selling 150 boxes!  We're really proud of her efforts and thankful to everyone who helped her by buying some. We do have some extras if you want need can't live without them! Just let us know. ;) 

We finished off our week of Reag with a family supper with George's parents at one of our new favorite local places last night and the kids played video games for a little bit (this is typically a not during the school week activity) before bed.  I've learned she's a "shower thinker" and typically she comes out needing to talk a little.  Last night was simple:  she'd had a happy week and didn't want to go back to BM's.  I know she's also sad about missing out on her Brownie zoo overnight, so I'm sure that was part of not wanting to go to BM's too.  But, it's such a tough thing because of course, we don't want her to go back either.  The effects of split families just don't stop because we'd like them too.  All we can do is pray she has a good weekend.

We're so happy to have her in our lives and home the majority of the time now and we have seen so much growth in her communication and expression just in the last 6 months! We are so very proud of her and made sure we told her, showed her and loved on her a lot this week! 

Happy 8th birthday to our big girl!


  1. happy belated birthday sweet Reagan!!

    She looks so happy w. her friend!!! Im so sad for her that she cant participate in the fun weekend stuff :(

  2. Happy 8th Birthday, Reagan! It looks like she had a great time celebrating with her family.
    Lexie loves Dylan's Legos, so we got her some of those Lego Friends sets for her birthday! I hope Reagan enjoys them!

  3. Looks like a great birthday! She is beautiful!!

  4. I'm glad she had such a great birthday week! Birthdays should definitely be celebrated all week. Happy Birthday Reagan!