Friday, February 3, 2012

Busyness of Our Week

ahhhhhhhhh it's Friday! 
I'm so glad!

Lily has a cold that's gotten worse. Clear, runny nose turned yellow. Cough and just general whininess. Is that a word? I think it should be if it's not.  Because that would be pretty descriptive of her.  I'm pretty tolerant of it because I know she's not feeling great.  And to top it all off, she's not sleeping great as a result. The good thing is she's not coughing at night while she's sleeping.  We'll see how she is before we head to the doctor if we need to. So far, just a cold. Hope that it just gets better from here!

She's been so sweet lately and George and I are just LOVING this stage. Literally, we lay in bed and just randomly quote her little sayings and expressions and talk about how lucky we are she is exactly who she is. We are definitely in love with 18 months! I love that it's such a new experience for him to share in collective, on-the-same-page parenting and adoration for this little person we chose to create.  We're so blessed to be her parents.

She will lay her head down when Daddy says, "Awww do the baby," and she rests her head on your shoulder or pulls a stuffed animal on her shoulder and says "awww baybeee".  She did it in the bathtub the other night and had a bunch of bubbles on the side of her head. She did "the baby" to a cardboard box yesterday.  It's the funniest and sweetest thing. 
"Baby" is one of her words she says all the time now. Lots of different varieties: "baybeeee" "baybah".  We were driving Andrew to Scouts the other night and she was "singing": "Baybah baybah baybah ohhhhhh". We all started cracking up because literally NONE of us listen to Justin Beiber, but we all sing that part of the song randomly! We're still trying to catch it on video!

Our weeks are super busy with the kids' schedules, activities and appointments, so by the time the weekend comes we're pretty worn out. Lily and I get downtime during the day, of course, but our evenings are go go go.  This week Andrew had Scouts and while he was there, George, Lily, Reag and I headed to the mall for Lily to play in the play area and for me to try to find plain navy leggings or tights for her.  You'd think it would be easy to find those. Um, nope. Nowhere. 

Matt Cooke from the Penguins was signing autographs that night at the mall too. I just snapped a pic on my phone and moved on. No waiting in line for me.

Tuesday, Reagan had an appointment in the evening and Andrew was going to head out to supper with Granny & Pappy while Lily and I hung at home.  Well, last minute score for the Huz! A friend of mine from high school in Arizona lives here with his wife and kids and he won tickets to a concert last minute and didn't have anyone to go with him. I hooked them up, we switched around who was taking Reag to her appointment and off George headed to see a band he loves. Score for him!

Wednesday night, the big kids (A and R) have a LegoClub at church that they started last month and they both look forward to going. It's something they get to do together with friends from school and there's no issue with Reagan missing out on half the time because of any bullshit with BM. They really enjoy it and it's been a really good activity for them this winter. 

Thursdays are our one night we're home each week, even when Reag has Brownie meetings because her meetings are right after school.  So, this week the big kids finished their homework, did their chores and we grilled out for supper with no place to go. It was nice. There's still minimal time in between homework, chores, and regular bathtime & bedtime routines for us during the week, but we're trying to make the best of it since we have no "off" time with Reagan.  I made her not smile, so we could pretend I was the wicked stepmother and she was Cinderella. ;)

Report Cards came home yesterday too!  Both Andrew and Reagan are doing excellent in school and have all As and Bs. The Bs are things they both know they need to work on because they're capable and literally the Bs are like 88s or 89s.  We're so proud of them! 

Andrew's got a Scout event this weekend, so we'll be our party of 3 again for part of the weekend. I'm hoping to get Lily's 18 month pictures taken this weekend too, hence the hunting for navy tights or leggings, but I'm going to have to come up with something else it seems.

For those of you rooting for and wondering how the upcoming zoo overnight and birthday party attendance for Reag will go, she won't be going to any of those activities.  She's beyond disappointed and even has begun writing about those feelings in her journal at school like she did with her letter to us the other day.  We're very disappointed for her and believe me, we have done EVERYTHING humanly possible to try to work with BM to allow her to go to these activities with nothing but grief in return, as per usual. All we can do is help Reag work through her feelings with the help of her counselor, her Brownie troop leaders and her teachers well, as she's becoming more expressive about her feelings outside of our home.  We're very proud of her for that too.  I don't have too many people who have control issues in my life, but this is definitely one of those situations where BM is holding onto the last shred she has at the price of her daughter.  Last night, Reag said to me after her latest disappointment from BM, "I just want to be a normal kid."  I want you to too, kid. 
Next week we have Valentine's boxes to create and Open House for school amidst all the other weekly activities.

Despite the busyness of life, things are very good and we're enjoying the weather this winter, time together and our alone time too!  I've got crafts to create and a tutu to make too... but first I must take a nap while the babe naps. I'm tired today.


  1. You are super busy! I can't imagine later on with all the kids activities! I love the picture of your son and your daughter- too cute!

  2. Great report cards, kiddos!!! Lily is getting so big!