Sunday, February 12, 2012

Open House

We attended Open House at the kids' school last week. They were both excited to share their work and classrooms with us. Reagan kept talking about her "surprises" all week and how she couldn't wait to share with us and Andrew couldn't wait for the scavenger hunt his teacher had!

We headed to Andrew's classroom first where he shared what they're studying in science.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

We worked on the scavenger hunt items in the classroom and then others were throughout the school as well.  We headed to his locker and around the halls to see his work that was on display.

Next we headed to Reagan's classroom.

They have been studying penguins in their science unit and I totally loved Reag's penguin she made.
   Look at the adorable hairbow she put on it like Lily's!

She proudly shared her work around her classroom with us.

Lily was worn out after the classrooms and  by the time we'd hit the book fair, the bake sale, checked out the auction baskets and  visiting the specials teachers.
We snapped a quick picture of the 3 and headed home.

We completed the scavenger hunt together as a family and headed home and watched a movie together before the big kids went to bed.  It was a busy evening, but watching my kids with their friends proudly sharing their accomplishments at school and proudly sharing us and Lily with their teachers could have made me happier. 
This was Andrew's last elementary school Open House, so a little bittersweet for me, yet as my son said, "Mom, you've got to face the facts. I'm growing up." haha


  1. looks like a good time! Nice that you can see everything and the kids can share with you.

  2. They both look so proud of themselves! So cute :)
    I love it.
    And they grow up SO fast!!

  3. I love those kind of nights! Face the facts Mom! Haha Just wait till he's a dad one day. Great work, kids! That is an AWESOME penguin!! And my A loves science too. It's his favorite class I'm pretty sure, though no hissing cockroaches just yet!!