Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Elementary Valentines

Today Andrew and Reagan celebrate Valentines Day the elementary school way! With parties, cards, boxes, lots of red, white and pink.

They each have classroom parties today. Reag worked hard on her box at home to have it ready for school while Andrew chose not to do one. 

Yeah, apparently in 6th grade it is definitely not cool.  Honestly, it was like pulling teeth to get him to do cards. "I'm the only one in my class who's going to have them."  Yeah, right.  They're having a party too and since next year they move up to junior high, I'm betting he'd be the only one without cards for their last Valentines party if he didn't take them. 

He picked the card he wanted and that was that.  Easy peasy.  All he had to do was write his classmates names on them. He didn't want to take any treats.  I guess I do need to "face the facts" haha.

I think his cards are super cute and definitely all boy.

Reagan, on the other hand, loves cutesy stuff and as she was choosing her cards, she narrowed it down to about 8 she loved.  Then we helped narrow her choice down.  Her final decision came after I had an idea of something personal we could add to her cards.  She LOVED the idea!

We had a little impromptu photo shoot until we came up with the perfect shot for her card!

She was super excited to take them to school and loved how they turned out! Taking the pictures was a lot of fun too...I'll have to post some outtakes soon. :)

I sent them off to school with pink heart pancakes and pink milk in their bellies. ♥

Hope party day is fun!