Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ohhhhh TV

I watch too much tv.  I always have. 

I think it comes from having lived alone and just needing noise in the house sometimes. Although when I was growing up there was always a game of some kind on tv. Football or baseball mostly. We never had cable, just the 3 networks. But whatever the reason, it's on a lot.

So randomly I figured I'd share some of my favs.

I've said before how much I love Parenthood and I simply cannot express just how much I LOVELOVELOVE that show. I laugh and cry every single week. It portrays real life.

Then, of course, I have my teenybopper shows I love to love. Guilty pleasures, if you will.  Teen Mom, The Lying Game, Switched at Birth are my top 3.

George catches wind of some of them and says, "The only reason you like The Lying Game is because it takes place in Arizona or You know why I hate Teen Mom? Because I had to listen to that whiny 'I don't get my way'" childishness for long enough when Reagan was born."  Ok, fair enough. I try to just record Teen Mom and watch it when he doesn't have to hear it. ;)   He draws the line at Jersey Shore. "I think I'd have to divorce you if you watched Jersey Shore." haha!  I've never watched it or had any desire to watch it.  Although, sometimes I get caught up in a marathon of something I don't typically watch, like Sunday when I spent wasted too much time watching Kourtney & Kim Take New York.  Ugh.

Mindless. That's why I watch it.

Typically I'm working on other things while I'm watching though.

We LOVE to watch Two Broke Girls. It's one of our favorites and makes us both laugh out loud a lot. And I've been able to get George to watch New Girl with Zooey Deschanel which I think is a funny, funny show!

I also love The Good Wife. It's one of my can't-miss shows! Juliana Margulies is stunning in this show and since I am a big fan of the movie Dead Poets Society, and Knox was one of my favorite characters, I love seeing him all grown up in this show too.

We use the crap out of our dvr and have gotten so used to using it that we actually don't start watching a show when it's on, so we can fast forward through commercials. We both watch Southland on TNT. More Tuesday night tv along with Parenthood, Teen Mom, Glee, New Girl and other times Sons of Anarchy. SoA is one of George's favs, but I know enough to keep up and he likes to talk about it, so I ask questions when I don't know what's going on. ;) We also watched American Horror Story this year together as a can't miss. Read: stayed up too late so we didn't miss it.

I still have my fav Law & Order: SVU which has been pretty good this season despite all the cast changes. I like that Olivia has a love interest they're actually developing and it doesn't hurt to watch that it's Harry Connick Jr.  CSI, the original, I still watch although it's original cast is slowly dwindling. 

Earlier this month, The Firm started on NBC.  I was pretty blah about it, but when I saw Josh Lucas on Ellen talking about how the show picks up 10 years after the movie left off, I thought I'd give it a whirl.  It's good. Wayyyyyyy better than I thought it would be. Juliette Lewis is on it too and she plays her character perfectly.  I have been a longtime Grisham book fan, so I'm glad they have done this tv show so well.

I've seen people rave about Once Upon a Time, but I haven't watched it at all. Although I do watch Grimm which, of course, is another show based on fairy tales. I've been pleasantly surprised by this one too and since I like some mindless tv on Friday nights while the Huz is playing guitar to unwind, this one is it.

Amisdt all that recording, we watch The Penguins hockey games live and American Idol too.
hahahahhaha!  Just a little random on Thursday.


  1. I love 2 Broke Girls and New Girl. We have out shows lined up for the week and we look forward to watching them after bed time. I HATE when a show is over for the season. Being Human came back on two weeks ago and we are so so happy! :)

  2. I don't watch most of those (or catch them occasionally) but I have to say you are missing out by not watching The Middle on Wednesdays at 8 on WTAE! Parenthood is my favorite hour drama, while The Middle is my favorite half hour comedy! You will love it too!