Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

I'm finally linking up with Photobucketfor her Saturday Top 5 Laughs! I love reading this hop every week I really enjoy Melissa's blog and her on twitter. This week I remembered to keep better track of the funny stuff. :) Most of them will be able Lily, as she's on a vocabulary explosion these days and we just can't get enough of her.

5.  Lily calls Andrew, "Bubba or Bubby" and she calls Reagan, "Sissy".  Some days we drive them to school instead of them taking the bus and when we get there, she cries after they get out of the car. I've started asking her where they are when they're not home during the day and she says, "scooooooo" for school.  It's adorable.

4.  Daddy asked Lily if she wanted some chocolate milk (she's had it once before) and he took her sippy out of her hand to go into the kitchen to get the chocolate and she lost it! She started crying and running into the kitchen, through the dining room and back in a circle. When he came back to hand her her sippy, she was still mid temper tantrum and finished it off by running over to the window in the living room, spinning herself to wrap herself in the curtain all while crying and then throwing herself on the floor.  A little drama at 18 months.  We could not stop laughing at her!

3. It's funny to watch our little person developing her personality. She loves to find out where Daddy is when he's not in the room.  She'll run over to the basement door, knock her fingers on it, "Dada dada" or run into our bedroom over to his side of the bed and call for him again while she grabs his brush, brushes her hair, pulls out some kleenex and "blows" her nose like Daddy. The other morning went he got up to leave for work and was getting ready to go, he went to grab his lunch box and she had put her play ketchup bottle from her kitchen on top of his lunch box for him to take to work.  He likes ketchup.  So sweet she knows.

2.  The newest playground for Tornado Lily has become the bathroom. She recently discovered that the toilet paper rolls off the roll when you spin. Then you can take the remaining roll and just throw it all in the toilet....along with your toy boat from the tub, the cup to rinse your hair and some letters that stick on the tub. If it's not that, she loves to get q-tips out of the drawer, sit on the floor and clean her ears while she holds onto the other 1915293577 she has gotten.

1.  Yesterday, while Lily and I were reading books, my phone rang. She looked up and said, "Hi George." HAHAHAHHAHAHA! It totally reminded me of The Brady Bunch when Greg starts calling his parents Mike and Carol.

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  1. oh I remember those days! the discovery of the bathroom was a problem!
    pretty funny stuff! but this really is just a short time in evryones lives...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  2. Oh my goodness- how cute! Tantrums starting at 18 months- you can't help but laugh though! That is so cute that she put her play food for dad to take at work. What a little love bug. I so remember the toilet paper all over when H was smaller. That last picture is just adorable. I love your laughs. They are all so cute. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  3. Hi George! Hahaha! Love it! Hubs' niece used to call her Dad Steve for years, but always called her Mom, Mom! It was the cutest thing.

  4. Ha, HI GEORGE! So cute :) Glad you are linking up. These are my favorite to read each week.