Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday Dump on Tuesday

These dang kids bringing their crap home from school. Andrew has a cough, Reagan still has a stuffy nose that she's had since September. Well,   I finally got sick.  I mentioned last week that Lily and George were sick with colds.  Now, they've passed it on to me.  The chest congestion, cough and general woozy head feeling are the pits.

I need to get the kitchen cleaned and continue my paper purging today and well, my energy level is nill.  Did I mention the 18 month old tornado in my life? She goes behind me and basically leaves her trail of terror. :)

Monday Dump on Tuesday in this post is about all I can handle. 

I've never met a more dishonest person in my life than BM. 

Reagan can no longer go to a birthday party next Saturday. This was after G worked out the details with BM to transport Reagan on "our time" to make sure she can go and we RSVP'd.  Then, like clockwork, BM gets pissed about something and pulls the rug out. So, Reagan isn't going. BM refused to respond to my husband's question of why and told the party mom that they had family coming in from out of town.

What Reag was told was that maybe stepdad could take the day off and they could do something all together, so that's why she wasn't going.  So, either the birthday mom got the lie or Reagan got the lie, but the lie is always the case with BM.

What's going to happen?  Yeah, Reagan is going to be the one to suffer. 

But, when you yourself have no friends, why would you care if your daughter does either?  BM is sick, not with a cold sick. And Reagan is upset, understandably. Add to it the fact her mom lied to the other mom and Reag will have to deal with that too. That kid is sensitive to others. She said yesterday that when the birthday party girl was asking the girls at school if they were all coming, Reag avoided her because she didn't want to say first she could come and now she can't because her mom won't let her...again. Teaching a kid shame...it's disgusting.

Nothing more we can do to allow Reagan to go. 

BM picked out a birthday party pattern Reagan didn't want and told Gma to buy and same with Valentine's cards.  The kid's almost 8 freaking years old. Let her have some voice, crazycakes.   Or better yet, you deal with the birthday stuff at school since this is "your year" and we'll handle Valentine's since it's during "our time" and she gets to pick her own stuff.  Control freak.    Don't worry all adults involved know your dishonest nature. 

Got another email yesterday for yet another Brownie activity...on a Saturday.  Chalk it up to another missed participation for Reagan

Funny thing is, if BM didn't pull the refusal to drive her kid to school and custody was left the same as it was for the previous two years, Reagan wouldn't miss a single activity for Brownies. Yep, she'd be able to go to the zoo overnight, she'd attend every Saturday activity, every birthday party.  EVERY. SINGLE. THING. But, again BM selfishness took control like always and she refused to transport her daughter to a better school.

And yeah, I know how it goes because when we had Reag Wednesday through Saturday, we did BOTH jobs--the tough school week, parenting gig AND the fun, active parenting gig.  Now, we've got doctors appointments, counseling appointments, activities, school, chores, family time, dinner, bath, bedtime all to cram into the week and BM gets the role of "Disneyland Mom" only there's nothing Disney about it.  No fun AND no work.  BM wants  the title of "mom", but without any of the work it takes. 

Giving birth isn't the hard part, being a mother is.  Thank God she has me. I just wish we didn't have to counteract and undo all the damaging effects that is BM.

Yes, you read that right. No longer does BM take Reagan to the dentist, her counselor, the doctor in additon to refusing to let her participate in normal kid activities on the weekends. She just bitches about us doing it.
Holding your kid hostage in a townhouse because YOU are scared of the world, is insanity. 

I wish she'd realize that she'd have a BETTER relationship with her daughter, if she actually participated in Reagan's life by allowing Reag to participate in normal activities. Go and chaperone your daughter at the zoo. Take her and work the cookie booth with other Brownies and moms. Take her yourself to the birthday party and STAY. 

Instead ground the kid for telling her dad the truth on the phone, hold her coat hostage because she needed to wear tennis shoes from here instead of the boots she had from your house and then tell her, "Now you can wear your coat back to your dad's since your boots came home."  Seriously????? What the FUCK is wrong with you?  Your kid pays the price.  This I know because we are the ones the counselor, teacher, and every other significant adult in her life contacts to share about Reagan

As I said before, you keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep doing what I'm doing because "Mom" isn't just a word in my house. It's an honor I hear from three children, not just the two I gave birth to.

my christmas present from reagan ♥


  1. Wow. Wow. I cannot even think of something to say other than that. Thank goodness you have a good relationship with her.

  2. You said it yourself, but the biggest thing I can take away from this post is THANK GOD SHE HAS YOU! It's so sad to see Reagan suffer because of this bitch. Sorry. I just can't believe someone would be so low and so pathetic. Kudos to you, my love, and being ten thousand times the mother this monster could ever dream of being.

    Love to you...