Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Very Lily Valentines Day

I like to look at "last year at this time" pictures with Lily and marvel at how big she's gotten and ooh and ahhh over how teeny and cutie she was. You know, typical mom adoration.

Last year  Valentine's Day was Lily's ear piercing day. How cutie and chubby she looks!

This year, she and I spent the day jus playing at home and she spent a lot of time running. She likes to do that a lot and often just runs laps around the house.
She simply started her day watching "Hot Dog" otherwise known as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sitting on the steps with her "bankeeeee"

And then a little breakfast of pink heart shaped
pancakes before her morning nap.
While she was taking a nap, I made a tutu to take some pictures of her in Valentine outfits. She wasn't so excited about it at first, even after I let her put her "pretties" on.

She marveled at herself for a few minutes in a mirror:
Lily recently learned to go down steps, so as you can imagine it's a really fun game for her since she can do it safely.

And off she went...
She didn't stop the entire time she was awake except to ask me for more milk and to take a quick read.
And lots more running:
After she had lunch, she danced for a little while and showed off one of her other new "tricks" of climbing up onto any available surface. This one luckily happened to be a chair.
Along with climbing she loves to make silly faces mostly cheesy.
This closed eye one is deliberate.

Lily finished off her Valentines Day with a little cupcake and dancing.

Her special Valentine card has been a favorite of hers too as she doesn't want to put it down. I LOVE it!
Happy Valentines Day my baby girl!

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  1. Her card is so cute!
    She looked adorable in the tutu, but those tights got me. Those are so cute!!!

  2. i simply adore that tutu!!! what a doll!

  3. Gorgeous as always! You know when you posted a pic of her in the stroller the other day, I pictured her as the little baby I met.