Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lego Club

In early January, the kids brought home a flyer from school about a Lego Club that was starting at a nearby church. Wednesday evenings for an hour and 45 minutes they'd get to go with other kids from their school and build with Legos while the leaders made connections to their lives and God through these activities.

They loved it!  It was a six week activity they looked forward to each week. There was no worry about Reag missing out of half of it because it was simply during "our time".  She was over the moon about being "a normal kid".

Andrew enjoyed the Lego aspect as well as the friendship with other kids from school being there.

Last night was the final night.  They had a wrap up party as part of their activities.  When I dropped them off, I snapped a few pictures before leaving.  They said it was really fun and were both bummed that it was the last night.  It was a great program and a first time for the church. They had a successful turnout, so I'm hoping they do something like it again soon!


  1. What a great event! Our local library has a Lego club that meets once a month. Dylan has gone several times now!