Monday, January 30, 2012

Making a Difference

Well, it's Monday again and although there is always frustration that accompanies them in the Reagan transition, I'm choosing to write about something different today.

If you remember last week, Reagan had a lot of emotional dumping to do in order to start her week off.  She is growing so much in her communication and expression and we are so proud of her. We've seen her offer opinions that are different than ours without that pleasing notion and fear of disappointing us. We've given her examples of when to speak up without fear of getting in trouble, AS they're happening.  She asks a lot of questions and we watch her soak it all in.  She knows she is a part of our family on good days and bad days. She's not someone who visits and we have to find a place for her to sleep.  This is her home.  It is evidenced by her behavior as a typical 7 year old who leaves her toys out, drops a sock on the way back from the bathroom and doesn't pick it up without being told, her clothes not making into the hamper, but instead right in front of it.  She's comfortable. She's safe. She knows she's accepted. She knows she's loved.

I've expressed my feelings about lying on numerous occasions, most recently pertaining to Reagan.

Last week, Reagan came home from school with an announcement:

"Attention Family. I wrote you a letter during recess today and I'd like to share it. Do you want to read it yourself or do you want me to read it to you?"

We left it up to her.

She decided to read it aloud.

I'm very happy with what we are doing in our home, not matter what is thrown our way.


  1. oh how wonderful... I'm so happy for her that you are in her life. What a wonderful influence you have been!
    (theanswrspurple on twitter)

  2. It is heartwarming to see that aside from all of the drama in that girl's life, she knows where the GOOD is coming from. That is a keeper!!!