Sunday, January 29, 2012

Doin' It Herself

At Lily's 18 month well visit, one of the questions we were asked was if Lily was using utensils when she eats. 

We had introduced them awhile ago, but as expected most of what she does is just play with them. She imitates using them and attempts to stab food with her fork. The spooned food typically gets flung like a catapult.
She's seriously so stubborn and does not like to be helped.  If she could speak the words, "I do it myself", she would. But, since she can't, she literally fights to hang onto the spoon or fork while I try to help her by showing her with her own hand. Then the other day, she made the connection with the spoon, her food and her mouth. :)

Man, I love this kid!


  1. yay Lily!!! :)

    she is so so sweet

  2. I love these pictures! She is a spoonin' fool!

  3. At the same time A2 just figured out how to get the little Puffs out of her hand and into her mouth! They're so awesome. :-)