Wednesday, January 11, 2012

17 Months

Seventeen months.


Lily is such a funny little person and I'm in such awe of her daily.

Some days that awe is pure blissful amazement and others that awe is disbelief.  You know, of course, the good with the bad.
~She climbs DOWN steps. (thankfully)
~When you say, "See ya soon!" She waves and says, "buh byeeeeee". 

~She had the worst teething and stomach bug poopy dipes at the same time...FOR A WEEK!

~She loves to wear her slippers. When you ask, "Where's your slipper?", off she goes to find it. Seriously I die from the cute of her crossing her feet while she's hanging out on the couch.

~She has this hysterical laugh that she's been doing forever...her fake laugh. Well, now it's gotten even longer and louder! We crack up every single time.  I can't even duplicate it, but when someone is really laughing she just joins in with that fake laugh and stretches it out until every last possible breath of air she's got.

~She says a cow says, "booooo", she sniffs when you ask her what a flower does, she pants for a puppy, says, "eeee. eeee. eeee." for a mouse, knows where her nose is and will show you by shoving her finger up into it. She points to her belly, her eyes, her head, her mouth, her teeth, her ears (finger goes IN on that one too). She says, "quack" and makes a quacking sound (more like Donald Duck's laugh) when you ask her what a duck says. She makes a fish face, well her version, when you ask her what a fish does. Says, "puckee" for monkey.

~Her new favorite words: "thank you" and "nooooooooo". She says, "bankie" (blankie), "uh oh" "hi guys" "go go" "howditgo", "cup", "down". She signs "more" and "milk" rather than saying them.  Calls a character named Pookie in her books, "Pookoh", says, "jump" and then jumps.

~If you say, "Lily, are you hungry?" She walks over and climbs in her high chair.

~If you say, "Are you ready for night-night?" or "Are you ready for a bath?", she heads to the steps to go upstairs.

~She dances by just swaying her hips back and forth really quickly. Sometimes there is no music. She just stops and dances. It's the cutiest ever! She

~She has started pouting with her bottom lip sticking out and crying real tears if you take something away from her that she wants. i.e. temper tantrum using her cuteness to try to get away with it. Mama doesn't give in.

~She's definitely mischevious and likes to grab things like phones or remotes and hide them if you don't catch her with them.  She has started climbing up the steps, running into Andrew's room, climbing up on his bed to get his cell phone off his desk, climbing back down, running into her room and climbing up into Reagan's bed to play with it.  It's hysterical. 

~She likes to knock on doors and try to open door knobs.

~She loves to watch Yo Gabba Gabba still and Bubble Guppies, Sesame Street and Blue's Clues. She likes to say, "Wow Wow" for Wow Wow Wubzy, when she sees it, but never watches the show.

~She is all about Mama these days. She follows me anywhere, wants me over anyone else, cries when I go to the bathroom. She loves to crawl up and sit behind my legs when I have them curled up on the couch or in the comfy chair.  Andrew used to do that too and I love it so much!
~She still loves books as much as ever! Her favorite still seems to be "Moo Baa La La La". She's changed which part she loves to "read" though from the "la la la" to the "no no" part of "no no you say, that isn't right."  It's adorable.

I'm just so amazed at the development of Lily and all babies and how she uses words correctly in context, comprehends, and responds.

We go for her 18 month --how is she almost one and a HALF? -- check up so soon.

~Food is so picky at this age. Some days she loves something and the next she wants nothing to do with it. She LOVES milk and that hasn't changed at all.  I just don't make food a battle and know she won't starve herself.  She's offered a variety of foods and some days she eats like she can't get enough and others she barely touches a thing.  Welcome to toddler feeding, the most annoying ever!  She does love to feed the dog though. ;)
~She loves to clap! When she hears clapping, she claps. When someone says, "yay," she claps. Always with the same sweet smile and joy on her face! I love it!

~She loves to get into the cabinet that has baking need items and snacks along with the tupperware cabinet. She goes into the kitchen, swings the cabinet doors open and then we'll find random items like powdered sugar, condensed milk, crisco and the like strewn all over.

~She has started smelling and then kissing EVERYTHING. Food, toys, anything she picks up. Takes a sniff, gives it a kiss.

~Our Lily is a climber. She's pretty much always tried. At 17 months, she successfully climbed out of her crib.  Well, she pretty much flipped out. She used her bumper pad as leverage to get her belly on the side of her crib and climb out.  SUPER scary. She seems to land on her head a lot. :(  We removed her bumper and there have been no more escape attempts. 

Seventeen months is such an amazing time. We are so in love with this incredible little person and so very glad we are blessed to be her parents.


  1. She is so cute! I love how she "reads" her favorite parts of books. Early reader in your future!

  2. Does she do the Bubble Guppie dance or copy Biz's Beat of the Day? Otto LOVES to do the Guppie dance and sing the song.

    This post makes me miss Otto growing into these same thing, but excited for when Eddie gets there.

  3. So cute! I love all her little things! And I spotted two pandas! There are some things I'm not looking forward to, but I'm so excited to go through all these little things again. And I love her dress in the last pic! :-)