Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mama's New Buddy

One of mama's Christmas presents from the huz arrived a few days ago...

This was the final picture I took on my Blackberry:

After nearly six years with Blackberry, I've finally let it go and upgraded to the iPhone.  The huz got a Droid Incredible 2 and honestly, I really love that too! He upgraded from an old school flip phone though, so to hear him say he loves his phone makes my heart sing! Not that he's picky or anything. *sarcasm* 

It wasn't scheduled to ship until Jan 4th, but then I got an email a few days earlier it was on its way! I was super excited and stalked watched my email and kept looking out my door for Fed Ex on Tuesday. It was supposed to arrive by 3pm.  Guess what happened on Tuesday?  It snowed. And snowed. And cars were sliding all over the place because the snow came in quickly and it took some time for roads to get treated. 

3pm came and went. I know Fed Ex delivers until 7pm. So around 6:35pm or so, I got a couple tweets from friends asking where my phone was.

I tweeted back, "Ask Fed Ex." 

*knock knock knock* 

I clapped and jumped up and down like a cheerleader, running to the door. Told the FedEx guy I didn't think he was coming and was glad he made it!
Anddddddddd mama's new buddy had arrived.

I was still dealing with Lily her 8239852394 million diaper issues, so I didn't have too much time to play with it other than getting it set up and my contacts transferred.  ;(

Then yesterday the house of barf took over, so amidst laundry, lysol, medicine, crackers, poopy diapers, garbage bags, and powerade, I managed to play around some.  So far, mama is in love with this new little buddy and I'm just barely getting to know him! 

~Lily in her several days of teething, diarrhea filled diaper life has been eating very little. So, we've been ensuring she's hydrated and feeding her foods to help curb the messy outcome.  Double diapering has helped to save some clothes, but there's still been 131913093471386 loads of laundry. 

Last night she decided to let us know she was hungry without whining, crying or any words.

Ok big girl, get yourself in your seat and we'll feed you. :)

*Subjects tied together by photos courtesy of my new iPhone! hee hee


  1. OHHHHHH That silly stomach stuff hit hard here. I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S II droid. Ipods and Droids are awesome though. so much technology in something so small. It's amazing!

  2. i have a mytouch4g that I just lovelovelove, but deep down.. i always wish tmobile would come out with the iphone. lol. they have all the best apps. enjoy it! :)

    & the pictures of her climbing into the highchair is too cute! :)