Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life with Lily

Life with Lily is pretty much always on the go. 

I laughed the other day when one of my mama friends, Cari, tweeted about how taking pictures with her now mobile adorable baby girl is more difficult. It just gets more and more difficult. ;)

Lily is never still unless she's sleeping.  Even when she climbs up to snuggle and watch Mickey Mouse, she still is up and down to pick up something to hold, run around.  On. The. Go. Always.

I adore that little person!

George and Andrew have had some "man time," as they call it while Lily and I have been doing some girl stuff. :)  I have been fascinated just watching her play lately.  Her processing, how she tries something over and over until she does it and doesn't get frustrated. She just keeps trying. I love listening to her chatter as she's playing, carrying things, running, bringing me things. 

Her level of comprehension is so much fun and I am so very much enjoying her in every way.

This was a couple nights ago hanging out in her room:

She kept putting things in her rocking chair (that was her Daddy's when he was little) and had an Elmo movie on it too. She decided she needed Elmo from her bed to join the movie.
The stuffed Elmo was actually Andrew's when he was a baby that she swiped off of a shelf. It was the first thing their Oma bought for Andrew when I found out I was pregnant with him.

She's been carrying around these felt flowers that she took off the wall under her window. She left the stems on the wall though. :)  The funniest part of it is one of her "sounds" she says/does is, "What do you do with a flower, Lily?" and she sniffs in and out really quickly.  It's adorable!

I've really been soaking in the moments not trying to hurry up to make her grow up. Just teaching, encouraging, modeling and watching.

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