Monday, January 23, 2012

The Monday Dump

So par for Mondays, the drama comes home with Reagan as she empties her emotional tank to be able to leave her weekend behind and focus on life, school and being happy. 

Funny enough, this morning I received a text from a friend that said, "Happy Monday!" and my reply jokingly was, "It is?"  Literally the moment after it sent, my phone rang. I saw it was a school number. It was 8:56am. School starts at 9.

"Hi, it's me Reagan."
"Hi honey. What's going on?"
"My mom told me when I got into school to call you to bring tennis shoes for me because she sent me in my boots and I have gym today."
"Sure thing, Reag. I'll be there in a few minutes."

Easy peasy. Kid taken care of.
We literally live 5 minutes from school. That was no big deal to bring her shoes.

George had JUST addressed this issue about gym days and tennis shoes with BM last week. If the kids don't have appropriate shoes, they have to sit out and she has had to sit out on BM's watch.  Like Reag needs any more singling out. Just send your kid to school on the ONE day you take her actually prepared for school. And tell her to go into school and call ME to take care of it.  Ummm, why don't YOU call me and say you've sent her unprepared and can I come fix it?

I expect my Monday afternoons to be filled with crap. But, dealing with BM b.s. at the very beginning of my day pissed me off. 

Thanks for the ear, friend.

Recent crazycakes:
~"You and Lily shouldn't share a room because half sisters and brothers aren't really related."
~"Why would you want Stephanie to go with you since she's not even really related to you?"
~*as quoted by a 7 year old child who heard this regardless of what was said.

I can't even really write any more of what is said because I'm so appalled by the absurdity and the stupidity of it all.  Those two were my "favorites" though.

Apparently genetics wasn't taught in your private school.  Apparently, it makes you feel better to degrade our relationship, but she and I share the same last name and for nearly 5 of her 8 years, I have been there. 

And if she's "not really even related" to me, I'm sure glad she's comfortable enough to call me when she needs taken care of.  You keep doin' what you're doin' and I'll keep doin' what I'm doin'.

Happy Monday!


  1. Wonder if BM realized that she also was saying that R and her other new sibling were not really related. Since, you know, they are only half siblings.

    Wow. Wow...yeah that sums it up!

  2. She makes my head hurt I cant even imagine how you deal w. it!!!

  3. O-M-G! How hard is it to not put the wrong shoes on your kid? And this half-sibling madness makes me super pissed off! The only blood sibling I have is my little half-sister. She's my sister, plain and simple. How can you say they aren't related? AAAHHH!! Even my step-siblings are my sisters/ step about it.

    Take a deep breath and find some chocolate. That'll help repress the stupid you hear.

  4. Family is in the heart, not the DNA. Best quote of the day, and funny the timing.

  5. Jesus. All 7 of my siblings are half-siblings, but to me, the "half" part doesn't even count. We're siblings. Enough said. That woman is nuts.

  6. Kudos to you for dealing with all that and doing what is best for Reag. She appreciates it.