Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Friday, Friday....

You're welcome for getting that stuck in your head. ;)

~I'm super tired this morning.  Not sure why, really. I slept pretty soundly, but at 3:38am, I woke up because Lily was crying and the light was on upstairs. George has apparently forgotten the middle of the night rules of keeping the lights low and staying quiet to get the babe back to sleep.  She's still cutting her 4 canines all at once, so that's pretty much yuck.

I looked at the clock confused because I felt like I'd slept forever, but it was still the middle of the night. When I went upstairs, the hall light was on and the bathroom door was closed. Lily was still crying in her room, so I assumed George was in the bathroom. As I got to the top of the steps, Reagan came out of the bathroom heading back to bed. Then Andrew emerged from his room to use the bathroom. I looked in Lily's room and Daddy was changing her diaper. I simply turned around and headed downstairs back to bed because after all, SOMEONE needed to be sleeping.

Sometimes you just need to let the daddy handle it.

~Yesterday afternoon, instead of looking at my planner, I just thought about my afternoon schedule that I apparently thought I'd remembered.  About 1:30 p.m. I thought, "I'll put supper in the crockpot around 2 p.m. or so and then when G gets home, I can leave for my hair appointment."  At 1:53 p.m., I looked at my phone and a reminder on the screen: "Andrew dentist. 2:00 p.m."  WHOOPS!  I was supposed to pick Andrew up at school at 1:50 p.m. Clearly I was late.  Not only was I late, but Lily and I were still in our pajammies.  I changed out of my pajama pants, threw a sweatshirt on and we were out the door. Yep, she was still in her pjs.

Fortunately we live close to school and the dentist, so we were only 10 minutes late.

~Dealing with b.s. with Reagan's mother has become increasingly more frequent as of late. Yesterday was just one of those days. Sometimes it gets to me more than others. She clearly knows the button to push with me is calling me a liar or attacking my children.  I've bitten my tongue for a long time and yesterday the top blew. If you follow me on twitter you did get the brunt of the rant and I am sorry.  You don't always get the sunshine and positivity from me online because that's not my real life. I write authentically. My kids and my husband get the best of me. THAT'S my job--to give THEM 100%. So, if I rant on my blog or on twitter, that's because I need to get it out.  Thankfully my friends understand and know that about me. 

I have tried to call a couple times recently and talk to her when the issue becomes she and I.  She doesn't answer.  George deals with her about Reagan, not me.  When the issue becomes me, then I am certainly going to attempt to address her. Futile though. Truthfully, I have come to feel very sorry for her. She exhibits disturbing behavior that in a teenager would be considered a cry for help, but at 30 it's just sad.  
While the details of this specific tweet are not relevant, because it's too much to try to explain the stupidity behind it, it exemplifies what I deal with on a very minuscule scale:

On a sarcastic note... according to her, she and I have never actually met, so funny how she calls me by name after I wrote on twitter (that she claims to never read) that "Steph" is actually a familiar name and psychos don't get to use it.  Tested and once again I was right. As always.

Like I said, some days I lose my cool with her.  Yesterday happened to be one of them, unfortunately.

~It snowed last night. Not a ton. But enough. It was 9 degrees this morning. Our school district didn't have a delay, so off to school they went on time to catch the bus. They were both excited about the snow! Andrew has a field trip today to see the symphony, so he headed off in dress clothes and getting him to wear a coat these days is proving to be super difficult. Today, since he had an undershirt and a dress shirt on he thought that was enough. Did I mention it was NINE degrees?  Sheesh! Tweens are tough. Boundaries tested very differently than ever before. BUT, being able to reason is there now. Ebb and flow.

Andrew and Reag on their way to the bus stop.

We're looking forward to being able to get the Lilinator out in the snow this weekend to see what she thinks. :) 

Here's last year:  ohhhhhhh my baby!

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