Monday, January 23, 2012

A Winter Weekend

One of my favorite things about Lily right now is watching her learn and explore. She fascinates me.

So between Thursday and Friday when we got about 6 inches of snow, I couldn't wait to get her out to play a little bit now that this winter she's a toddler. Friday was FAH-REEZING cold all day, so no go on going outside. Plus, we knew more snow was coming, so we wanted to wait until the temp went up a little bit. I'm not exactly sure just when I became the girl who says excitedly, "It's going to be in the 40's on Sunday!" and that's warm. But, as marked by my going outside in only a sweatshirt (otherwise known in Pittsburgh as a "hoodie") and yoga pants, I think I have become somewhat acclimated to enduring living here in the winter.

Saturday, Andrew went over to his friend's house to play outside in the snow and play video and computer games while Daddy, Lily, and I had a lazy day at home together. I even took a nap! That never happens.

Before he headed off, he made sure to help out with the shoveling the walk.

The diaper bag got left in the car the other night and when I brought it in, the sippy that had water in it, had a popsicle instead.  Although I have experienced things like melted crayons in the backseat of my car and melted cassette tapes due to the Arizona heat, this was a first for me. I could barely get the lid off the sippy. THANKFULLY it was water and not milk.

Sunday, when it warmed up, we bundled Lily up and headed out into the snow!

We played in the backyard, just letting her walk, go on the sled a little bit, she went on her slide, threw a couple snowballs at Andrew and just walk some more. 

She had a little bit of trouble walking at first...
But she quickly got the hang of walking in the snow. :)

The weather was pleasant and we had a great time! Andrew is so good with Lily and just loves playing with her. I will take it as long as it lasts. :)  They were making faces at each other.

Andrew was trying to teach Lily to make snow angels and well, they didn't get very far:

I think it's safe to say, Lily enjoyed herself in the snow!


  1. so sweet... I love how Andrew is with her so so sweet!!!

  2. How fun and hysterical all at the same time!!! Saturday afternoon was nice to be out after the morning snow and ice! See you for dinner tomorrow night. Love ya!

  3. Yay for nap time! I love the last picture. I can just hear Lily laughing. :)

  4. That is so awesome. I really love snow play time! I'm thinking the huskies need a snow play date!! They would have a BLAST.

  5. Awww, I love the snow pics! I think your Lily needs to have a talk with my Lily. That last picture is AWESOME!