Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Think We Made It

We survived the week of hell sickness in our house. 


Lots of puking, laundry, lysoling, bathroom cleaning and very little eating.

Reag decided to close out the week with an allergic reaction to her antibiotic for her ear infection just like Lily did back in OctoberReag's wasn't on her head like Lily, but all over the trunk of her body and her neck.  It's always something. :)

Lily has had the week of poop. Double diapering, desitin, baby powder, a & d, changing sheets, changing clothes, lots of applesauce, bananas and crackers. That's how her stomach bug presented itself. Oh and she's cutting 4 teeth on top of that. Poor baby.

Andrew barfed quickly one day and then it was done.  His appetite took a few days to return, but he was better the next day.  Thankfully.   That's how it went for me too on New Year's Day. 

George recovered quickly from the barfing too, but the stomach queasiness lingered with him for most of the week.

I. Am. Exhausted.

And now I am working to get Christmas put away and our house back in order.  It seems a neverending task. :)

The weather was AH-MAZING at the end of the week to brighten my day! It was in the mid-50s and sunny to lift my mood! That's unheard of in January in Pittsburgh, but it made this girl from the desert very happy! I was able to have the door open, the blinds open to let in the light I so desperately long for in the winter months!

After spending so much time all of us together this past week with the big kids missing school for being sick and everyone being home, Lily climbed up in Reag's bed last night and said, "Sissy."  I guess she was missing her. :(

 Here's hoping for a healthy week!


  1. How sweet!! And look how comfy Lily looks in a big-girl bed!

  2. She looks so adorable in her big girl bed. Makes me think I should move H who is now 3 years, 3 months! LOL

  3. Lily looks so adorable in that big bed! I'm glad you're all on the mend!